20 week scan

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Fancy Nancy Posts: 71
Just wondering how important it is to get 20 week done at exactly at 20 weeks or as close to that as possible. We went for a private scan at 10 weeks and the lady said it was v. important to get scan done as close to 20 weeks as possible (i.e. a day either side of it). I've gotten my appointment from the hospital (public) and my 20 week scan will be done at just under 22 weeks - does this really matter??? Should I pay for the 20 week scan in the private clinic on the 20 week mark? Am not sure if the lady in the private clinic only said that so that we would come back for another paid scan - any opinions on this (if this makes sense to you all)???
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Hi Fancy Nancy, i haven't heard that it was overally important to have it done right on the 20 week mark, i wonder was she trying to get more business from you maybe?? Mine was with the coombe and i think i was around 21+4 or so, i wouldn't worry about it and would just go for the hospital scan
hubbaz Posts: 99
I will be 21 weeks going for my 20 week scan. When I first got my appointment, I phoned to query it too and was told they're not always done at exactly 20 weeks, a week or two after it is the norm too. I certainly wouldn't be paying for a private one for the sake of a week or two.
theoracle Posts: 7664
No there is no reason whatsoever to have it at 20 week exact. 18 weeks or 22 weeks or 23 weeks or whatever is just as good.
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
I had mine done at 18 weeks, never heard of it being so accurate that you had to have it done just on either side of 20 weeks
WeGoShopping Posts: 47
No need for that kind of precision, midwife told me the aim is sometime between 18 and 22 weeks.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
I think once it's in and around the 20 weeks it's fine. Doesn't have to be spot on. Once the baby has developed enough that any problems will be evident if they are there. My understanding is too early and the baby won't have developed as far as they would like to get an accurate assessment of how major organs, circulatory and respiratory systems are working. Too much later and the measurements will be affected by more external factors like mother's diet etc and won't be as comparable to other pregancies in a useful way. But a week or two either side of 20 weeks shouldn't make a huge difference.
Fancy Nancy Posts: 71
Oh thanks so much all for your replies- feel more reassured!!! I think the private clinic was just trying to drum up more business!!! Saying that the 10 week scan they did give me was amazing and so much better than the 12 week one I got in the hospital. But I think the 20 week scan in the hospital is suppose to be fairly detailed so should get to see babs a bit more. Cannot wait to see my LO again :lvs