20 week scan tomorrow - Holles St - any tips?

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pinklf Posts: 57
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had any advice for the 20 week scan in Holles St? Mine's tomorrow morning! Someone told me to bring a book as I'd be there for a while! Do I need a full bladder? I guess I just turn up with the green form? Thanks!!
mcglick Posts: 463
Im attending the rotunda, cant give much tips apart from you dont need a full bladder and enjoy! Its amazing!!!
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Hey pink, I was waiting 5 mins for my scan, no book needed. I walked through this dept the other day to go to my antenatal class and there was only 1 couple waiting also. They don't seem to keep people waiting. No full bladder needed either. Scan lasted about 20 mins. Best of luck :wv
Pinkly Posts: 1414
Hi, I just had mine today & it was amazing! :lvs We just went up to Fetal Assesment, got there about 20mins early but they didn't mind at all! We were then sent to sit outside Admissions as there is 2 scanning rooms beside that & midwive called us in after about 15 minutes. You dont need a full bladder, she just explained that she would take a detailed look at the baby first & then explain it to us when she was done. We got about 8 little pics & she explained everything in great detail to us. It was a very pleasent experience & all the staff seemed very helpful. Best of luck! :wv
pinklf Posts: 57
Thanks for all your advice! Looking forward to it but nervous at the same time! You Jan 09 mums are great. I've been taking a peek every so often but finding it difficult to join in as my Mum passed away when I was 9 weeks pregnant but thanks for all your chat as it kept me going! Anyway, all positive now for tomorrow! Thanks again xoxo
Pinkly Posts: 1414
pinklf so sorry to hear about your mam, it must be hard for you! I'm sure she'll be looking down on you & your little babs & taking care of you both! Whenever you feel up to it join the Jan thread Take care, :lvs
mummytime Posts: 3149
so sorry to hear about your mam. hope your little bean is bringing you some comfort I found the 20 week scan in Holles street great. There was no wait and the midwives took loads of time and gave us loads of lovely pics. It is a bit nerve wrecking and at the start I was analysing the midwives every expression but after a while I started to relax and really enjoyed the experience Enjoy!!
holmum Posts: 84
hi girls, i am going public in holles street, i have my first appoinment at 14 weeks (currently 12) when I rang to make appointment and asked about scan they said that you are normally scanned at 20 weeks. For piece of mind, I had a private scan done last week,all looks good, they gave me a letter and said that I could pass it on to hospital when i go to see them. Now if I do, does that mean they wont give me the 20 week scan? Have a good mind to say nothing just to make sure I get scanned at 20 weeks. What do ye think?
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Sorry to hear about your mam pinklf. Hoping you enjoyed the scan this morning. :wv
pinklf Posts: 57
Thanks girls! Scan went fine and all measurements good (though baby wasn't co-operating for the ear-to-ear one so we had to go and something to drink to get him to move - had a can of coke and then baby had hiccups - it was so funny but got the measurement in the end!). The staff there were lovely. Holmum, I have scans with my consultant everytime but I think you need the routine 18-20 week) detailed scan to check everything ok with baby. Oh I didn't know this but i have using Burt's Bees cocoa butter cream (and didn't use it this morning) and the sonographer asked me was i using biooil or anything for stretch marks. They interfere with the picture quality so my photos are a bit blurry! Don't care though cause baby is fine!!!