20 weeks scan-full bladder needed?

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leanbh1 Posts: 473
Do I need to be peeing myself when I go in on Monday?I hated that bit at my early scan :o( Is it true if you drink somethin sweet like juice beforehand baby will jump around more??
chicam Posts: 1169
Don't know about baby jumping around more if you drink juice - I've only ever found my baby jumps around if I drink too much lucosade lol! As for 20 week scan, because the baby is a little bigger than the early scan you don't need to be at the peeing-yourself stage but your bladder should still be comfortably full (if thats do-able!)...at my 20 wk scan they sent me out to drink more as I'd only drunk a little bit.
newone Posts: 1714
you don't need to have a very full bladder for a scan at this stage. I have heard that drinking things like lucozade or such will make the baby move more... but I don't know how true it is, or how helpful it would be when the sonographer is trying to do measurements! :o0 Best of luck and enjoy!
sarakg83 Posts: 347
there will be plenty of water arond the baby at this stage, u wont need to drink loads *)
cbtb Posts: 413
I had a scan last week, had just gone to the loo when I was called in. You could see everything perfectly. Enjoy it, its great when you don't have to concentrate on not wetting yourself . :o0
MotherNature Posts: 317
Having your bladder full isn't about the baby's movements, it's about the scanner being able to get a better view through the liquid inside your bladder and into the womb. I had my scan at 18 weeks and was literally sitting cross-kneed by the time they called me in. Afterwards I ran for the nearest loo I could get to, but while the scan was actually going on I just forgot all about how bursting I was. If your bladder isn't full then there's a lot more 'interference' infront of the baby which makes getting the images harder to do. AFAIK.
leanbh1 Posts: 473
Seems to be a bit conflicting advice there..cbtb,you're saying your bladder was actually empty and there was no prob,but like Mothernature says, I do know that the scanner gets a better view if your bladder's full...think I will drink a bit alright,but not to the point of bursting! One more thing-do I bring a wee sample with me like at my first visit?
silíní Posts: 4219
I think at 20 weeks it no longer applies as the baby is big enough to see properly without a full bladder. I had a big choc bar a while before going in and baby was jumping around! Felt guilty for giving her a sugar rush!!! I always found sweet drinks did this.