200 euro for pre-marriage course?!

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Sally76 Posts: 525
Hi there, Our nearest centre for a pre-marriage course in Arklow, and it's an Accord one. But it's 200 euro! Could anyone recommend an approved pre-marriage course for a Catholic ceremony that doesn't cost so much, anywhere between Dublin and Enniscorthy, please? Or alternatively, around Cahir in South Tipperary, where Himself is from? It's just that 200 euro sounds like a ridiculous amount to pay for a course...
Mamaboom Posts: 2094
We did ours in Terenure College on a Saturday a couple of years ago. www.together.ie Think it was €120, lunch included :o0
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
I didn't think they varied in price. Ours is €150 in Donegal.
MrsBump Posts: 869
Ours was 170 in tralee!! accord too, its mad isnt it!!
Ali2010 Posts: 347
We're doing ours next months, its €140 in Crumlin, course with Access counsellors - not religious one, but our priest was so delighted we were doing one at all he doesn't mind!
DipDab Posts: 1172
Check with your priest. Ours would only accept the accord one, no others.
Sally76 Posts: 525
Thanks girls. But that leads me to another question - our priest is Himself's cousin so he's not from my home parish, where we're getting married. So do we ask the priest who's marrying us what course is acceptable, or do we ask the parish where the ceremony is? Thanks for all your help with this.
DipDab Posts: 1172
Its whichever priest you are filling out the pre-nup enquiry form with. Thats usually the priest in the parish where you live.
stick Posts: 1229
We are doing the Avalon course on the 23rd of this month €130. its from 11-5 so not too bad. a family member is marrying us and he said its not up to him but the priest of the church we are using.
jessie10 Posts: 204
ours is with accord, had no choice.. Doing it on Friday and Sat. It's €200 :eek minus lunch >:o( its a disgrace. I would love know what we are actually paying for.. Sorry girls it just gets my back up as I think it's a big rip off scam.