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augusto Posts: 87
Hey there ladies Any 2009 Trim Castle Brides out there. Got a call from Claire yesterday tellin g me that they have dropped all accomodation prices which is great news. :ooh How you girlies all getting on?
soulful Posts: 1697
Yes got a call too and its down to 100euro from 180 per room. Great! Im the 24th of september !!! O:o)
geminigirl Posts: 137
that's great news :o)ll have any of you managed to get any other prices down? i'm getting bliss package on a thursday and it's 60 per person and just wondering if i'd have any luck getting the price down.
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
geminigirl what is the bliss package and what does it include. I am a Thurs too (3rd sept) nd am just curious thanks
Mrs Rossi Posts: 28
Hi girls We're having our wedding in Trim Castle in 2 weeks time..... sooo excited. I also managed to get the room prices down from 150 to 130 just for bridal party thou, Alixxx are all your rooms 100 and is that for a weekend wedding?? I had a chat with Shelia when we did our menu tasting a few weeks ago and we got her down approx 10 percent on this years menu too. Chance your arm girls if you dont ask you won't get!!! Good luck :yelrotflmaosmilie:
geminigirl Posts: 137
gummibear the bliss package includes sparkling wine reception, 5 course meal with choice on main course, 1/2 bottle of wine p/p, food for afters, chair covers and bar extension. it think thats it. it's 59.95 p/p so would be good if could get 10% off! mrsrosney2b are they still doing menu tastings? i heard on here that they'd stopped them. we were going to have choice of sirloin of beef and salmon for main course...did u try either of these? best of luck in 2 weeks. make sure u let us all know what it was like. btw does anyone know whats the minimum number of tables ud need to use the full room without it looking empty? i know they can partition the room to make it smaller but would prefer not to so was thinking of just putting 8 per table so would have about 15 tables. its dec wedding so there'll be 2 christmas trees in the room also which will take up bit of space so do u think that would be ok or would we need to partition it?
Mrs Rossi Posts: 28
The format of the menu tasting has change a little, when we rang to arrange ours we were told they no longer do it but provide a complementry meal in the restaurant, I told here that there was specific dishes I wanted to taste that were not on the menu in the restuarant, then she asked me exactly what I was thinking of having and low and behold when we got there we were presented with the menu I gave her including the food that wasn't on sale in the restaurant. We tried two different starters, two mains, one soup and the dessert, we could have tried more as the couple next to us had at least five soups but we were settled on veg. So after all the who ha over the tasting it turned out to be exactly that. I think 15 tables will be fine in that room too. Were only having 18, and I've seen less at other weddings. If it looks too bare they'll put in couches in the corners which I think is a nice idea. Don't worry I'll be sure to post a report of the big day!!!!!! Im so so so excited now..... :o)ll
augusto Posts: 87
Hey mrsrosney2b 2 weeks you must be getting really excited now. i'm in 2 months and have loads to still organise. Did Shelia give you an idea or print out of the table layout for your room to help with doing your own table plan. Am delighted to hear that they will put couches in the corners to take the bare look off the room
geminigirl Posts: 137
mrsrosney2b can i ask what menu you went with in the end? we were thinking of giving choice of sirloin of beef and salmon for mains and were gona go with medley of desserts but all the other dessert choices look so nice im not sure. i wonder would they give us a little taste of all of them! on such a wedding buzz today. got sample of invites in post last night and i just love them so it's gotten me so excited. gonna order them next week. got them from bernie on ebay if anyone hasn't sorted their invitations yet i highly recommend her. cheapest out of any of quotes i got and gorgeous invitations
braveheart1 Posts: 3
Hey Girls, I just rang Trim Castle there to see when I could go and see the room fully set-up. They were so nice, said any day before a Wedding arrives at around 2.30pm or they are fully setting the room this Sunday for 170guests..... H2B and I are going to pop down and take a look. The Wedding Fair is on 27th of Sept. Just thought I would share :wv