2010 Brides are doing their tableplans... god help me

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jitterbug Posts: 226
I am unreasonably mad because someone is posting in Old Faithful this week that they are doing their tableplan for their wedding in 2010... just under 2.5 years time O:| O:| O:| So help me God that girl needs a life. People will die, get married, divorce, get pregnant, emigrate... How bloody wrapped up in yourself and your own little wedding would you need to be to be doing that now???? And worse - they bloody wollies who are responding and humouring her???? >:o) I dunno, it's the first major thing thats bugged me on here. Hands up - I haven't done my own but that's not why I'm mad (how in gods name do you actually do a table plan until such time as everyone has actually RSVP'd???) Do other people ever read posts and feel this way or am I lacking in patience and compassion????? ;o(
NowGone Posts: 8042
[quote="jitterbug"]..... Do other people ever read posts and feel this way or am I lacking in patience and compassion????? ;o([/quote] Join the club! :o0
23skidoo Posts: 1272
Ah now come on, everyone has to have their 'OMG I'M GETTING MARRIED WHAT WILL I WEAR/HOW MANY GUESTS/WHAT COLOUR SHOES/DO I NEED TO TIP THE WAITER' moment! :o0 Sure I was really bad when I found this site first. Had my wedding more or less planned (or so i thought) since this time last year! I'm sure i'm probably still over-planning at this stage and frustrating people with stupid questions that don't matter yet! It's all part of the natural process in life whereby a young girl turns overnight into a frantic, maniacal, mastermind wedding planner / bridezilla! :o0
jitterbug Posts: 226
Maybe it's the rampant PMT hormones but I am usually OK with people asking what I deem to be stupid questions - I do realise that some brides have no clue about lots of wedding related areas and that is the beauty of WOL. But there has to be some reasonably line in the sand... and there needs to be a little sanity check for some of these ladies once in a while. Someone just needs to say STOP... otherwise I worry for their mental health when the wedding is over - if you spend 2.5 years planning every moment of your day you are gonna hit rock bottom so hard after that honeymoon. I'm still mad >:o) >:o) >:o)
gerbil Posts: 3528
have to agree with 23skidoo, everyone picks up on the other brides' mad moments but most of us have had them. When you start planning as well, you really don't realise that things will change - there are people coming to my wedding I never imagined would be there and others who are going to be missing that I thought without doubt would make it. Let the poor girl be, sure she's getting out of her system early :o0 O-O
choogal Posts: 252
Don't post too often in this part of the forum-but I completely agree with you!!! I have fifteen months until my wedding and still have about a million things to do but it will all come together eventually! Can I join the club also!!
bridgieb Posts: 113
Have to agree with jitterbug, it drives me mad. To combat this and to stop the feeling, that I am totally un-organised I have stopped opening all posts with any subject title that mentions 2010 wedding plans. I should go on to the post and mention the fact that I've only ordered my wedding dress and see what they think of that!!!! :eek
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I agree it is ridiculous but if she wants to end up tearing her hair out doing table plans out 20 times over, that's her problem. I haven't seen the thread but did you put a comment up, put the cat amongst the pigeons and all that O:o)
jitterbug Posts: 226
lippy are you trying to get me in real trouble... I thought I was brave enough posting here!!! :o0
MrsG2b Posts: 1458
I do not normall post on this site but I had to say something this time. Jitterbug, I think you are completely over reacting on this. I had my wedding pretty much organised when we got engaged 2 years ago - everything was booked and deposits down. Because of that organisation, I have been able to sit back for nearly 2 years and not have to worry about anything. If that girl has a wedding list like mine that you can count on 90% of the people you ask turning up, there is no reason she could not do a table plan now. We all know that things are going to crop up and change and she will see that as she goes on but I am not sure that tearing a strip off her is the way to go. This is a wedding website so it should be ok to seek advice on any wedding related matters. I think that it is nice to see someone so excited and enthusiastic and it is negative posts like yours that upset new posters and stop them posting on this site. Calm down and leave the girl alone.
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