2013 Weather

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excitedbride2013 Posts: 205
Maybe some good news for summer brides.... (well, I live in hope!!!)
thenextmrs Posts: 45
I'm July 19th, so fingers crossed for good wether, but not too sweltering either!!!
bridejuly2013 Posts: 115
I really hope so altho I wouldn't want it too hot.my Sis and bro both got lovely hot days when they got married. Well it was 24degrees so I suppose that is hot in Irish weather. Getting sick of the hot weather in OZ, like 3degrees plus. So hopefully when am back at end of march I'll bring lots of sunshine that will last all summer. Def won't be rain as it hasn't rain in months over here. So fingers cross for us all. Xx
bridejuly2013 Posts: 115
35degrees plus
karinafinegan Posts: 33
I think couples getting married this year are in for some VERY good weather. 2013 is set to be a year of increased solar activity, especially increased coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which I think is responsible for the strange weather patterns we are seeing at the moment. I for one am looking forward to shooting some sunny weddings! :)