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princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
Has anyone seen this band recently or had any experience of them at a wedding? Saw them at the weekend and they were brilliant but was just in a pub and wondering what they're like at a wedding. Think they only play for 2 hrs, what is the norm? Also, does anyone know how long the DJ will play for?
ButterflyC Posts: 72
Hey B2B09, I have booked this band for my wedding in Sept & they are fab. I could make it to Kiely's on Sat but would've loved to have gone. They are lovely to deal with, Mick is a gem. They have arranged their dj for us also. I haven't seent hem at a wedding but they played at a ball I booked them for through work last year & the dancefloor was jammed for the whole night !! ( hence why i booked them!). I'm not sure how long they play for but I'm sure you can discuss with them. I'd say it'd be the norm/average time (( they did play encores at the ball though! :compress :wv )