20wks w/twins. People's comments

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windycity Posts: 2241
Hi girls, Im 20 wks pregnant with twins and today yet another person made a comment on how 'small' and 'neat' I am. . had someone else tell me yesterday I was 'tiny for 20 weeks' and it worried me.. At first these comments didnt bother me but now I get the 'I was huge on one baby at your stage' and its making me feel really bad.. Like Im not doing a good job. At the 18.3 anomoly scan, the babies were measuring 19 wks and doc is happy with them. Im just not getting that big. Im hoping the babies arent too small when theyre born. I was a size 8 before I got preg and exercised 4 times a week so Im wondering if this is the reason but Im so sick of the comments now like Im watching my figure when Im really really not. :o( Did anyone else or is anyone else experiencing this and should I say something when people pass comment?
jewellb Posts: 2389
Windy their just jealous cause they were prob heifers!! All jokes aside maybe there trying to make you feel good about yourself and see it as a complement, I've been told by alot of people to take all such advice with a pinch of salt!! I love being neat, im slim with a cute bump and that's the way I like it! Xx
mamajen Posts: 2263
I was bigger at 34 weeks than my sister was at that stage with twins and people have commented on me being small! My sisters twins were born a month early by section and were 5 pounds and 5 pounds 1, ended up only being in the neonatal ward for one night. Ignore peoples comments, I find people just look for something to say and think they are being nice saying you are small rather than big! Don't worry, if the doctors are happy that is all that matters.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I've been getting "you're SO neat" for months. Well, until last week when I became a whale. It probably just means that you haven't put on weight anywhere else. Or that your bump is rounded and not spread all over you. Be glad. Windycity, you have to stop with all of this worrying. Honestly, I know it's hard not to analyse every twinge or every comment or everything you want to eat, and I also know you've had a hard time getting here, but you should be trying to enjoy your pregnancy. Everyone will have something to say to you. I got told the most ridiculous things "don't stretch your arms up" (bullsh!t), "you can't eat goat's cheese" (more bull, you can if it's pasteurised) etc etc. If your consultant is happy with how you're progressing then that's it, that's all you need to know. Please please please try to relax and enjoy the second half of your pregnancy - it's a time you'll never have again (first pregnancy) and it's just so exciting and scary but in a good way.
vonnyoc Posts: 2688
Someone always has something to say and I think people think if you're carrying twins you should be humongous. If you are petite to start with and you are all bump of course you're going to be neat and tidy. What matters is your consultant is happy with babies growth and count our blessings you are all bump, you have less to loose once babies are born. Not like me I have it all round my ass and all I'm getting off people is I'm huge I'm only 19 weeks with one baby. I'll be like a beached whale by the end of the pregnancy!!!!
windycity Posts: 2241
Thanks so much girls. Really appreciate the comments. I think its a twin thing that people expect you to be massive or some sort of freakshow or something but Im just going to try to let the comments roll off me. Im just hormonal I would say. Thanks girls xxx
mammy2011 Posts: 1388
I hate people O:| Just say that you are measuring fine thanks. Be snippy, it'll shut them up. I am big enough bump wise and i am sick to my back teeth of comments. Even today my SIL told me i am "massive, i mean you are absolutely massive", this in front of 5 other people who of course eyed me up and down. I was fit to kill her. One of the girls came to my rescue and said oh your just bump though, you're lucky. But i still felt like i was on display. Anyway rant over..... People are stupid.
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
[quote="mammy2011":y0b79w31]I hate people O:| [/quote:y0b79w31] I hate people :o0 This made me laugh. I have to agree. Why do people think it's ok to call a pregnant woman massive? I would be mortified to say that to someone.
gopro Posts: 1801
oh the comments use to drive me mad I found week 18-24 I couldn't deal wit the comments. I was stressed over comments and then there were the oh it's a boy it's a girl comments cos x y z. it's easy now for me to say try ignore best if luck can't believe your 20 wks
celtic chica Posts: 144
lol windy im near 22wks with twins and im loving being told 'god ur nowhere near as big as id thought ud be' coz sumtimes i feel like a big mama,its al gud hun dont mind them,njoy ur bumptime i sure am pregnancy goes too fast x x