21 weeks & lost interest in food!

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sweetbubbles Posts: 377
Hi girls, So I'm 21 weeks, and I've lost all interest to eat, trust me this not something I've ever experienced, I'm a big foodie and normally enjoy my food immensely! However over the last week or two I've noticed I'm not hungry anymore, whats actually reminding me to eat is heartburn! My most recent urine sample had ketones, so thats not good, and I'm setting reminders in my phone to remind me to eat. Most recent scan was perfect and baby is in the 30th percentile range for weight, but I am now mildly anaemic, Anyone else experienced this?? (never thought I'd see the day where I'd be told to eat more!!)
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I've lost interest in food in the last two weeks but that is because I find my stomach is very compressed at the moment and I have no hunger pangs. I am forcing myself to eat for the baby and to keep my strength up but would gladly eat nothing :( At 21 weeks I had a good appetite though. I wonder is your stomach compressed? Is your bump high interfering with your insides maybe? Worth mentioning to your GP/midwife at next visit.