24 week scan - small baby & low fluid

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Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, I had another scan today. I'm just 24 weeks. Was told that my baby was a bit smaller than they would have expected at this stage. The sonographer said he was at the 10 percentile mark (I took this to mean out of 100 babies, he would be the 10th smallest) but that it is probably nothing to worry about as he still has 16 weeks left to grow. She also though the amniotic fluid was lower than normal but did say this could be the way the baby was lying.He is very low down so she couldnt get a look at his bladder,legs etc. Both her and the consultant asked if I was leaking fluid. I presume I would know if I was? All was perfect at my 19 week scan. They said not to worry and it just the case that I will need to be monitored more carefully. I have to go back for another scan it 2 weeks. I know I shouldn't be worrying and chances are everything is fine but I can't help being a bit concerned. Anyone have any advice or experience something similar?
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi there, I don't know much about this but did not want to read and not reply. Not sure about the amniotic fluid but I looked up a bit online and found a few stories from other mums that might make you feel better... "My DD measured in the 20th percentile at her U/S. Now she is 3 1/2 and is and has always been petite. She was 5 lbs 13 1/2 oz at birth, and now weighs 25 lbs. She's absolutely perfect - very healthy, smart and known to be a little sassy. You might just have a little firecracker on your hands!" "Not with this one, but my last LO always measured small - in the 10-20% percentile at the most. She just ended up on the small side - born after her due date at 6 1/2 lbs. She is big and healthy now. She will be 2 in december and is now 70% in weight and 95% in height." I'm sure all will be fine. They will just monitor you more closely now which is good! :wv :wv
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
I had a kinda similar story but later into the pregnancy than you...basically at 27 weeks i had a small bleed and got admitted, they scanned me while i was there and the baba was tiny-lower than the 5th percentile. I was let go home and told to return in 10 days. When i went back baba was not growing properly and i was told i was going to be delivered very soon (think she was in the 2nd/3rd percentile and had severe IUGR). I had to go to hosp 4 times per week and eventually got admitted where i was told every day i would be delivered the next day but ICU was very busy. Then they gave me section and she was just over 3 and half lbs (she stopped growing altogether at 31 weeks). She had a few problems and was in ICU and then special care for nearly a month. She is perfect now thank god, just teeny tiny for her age! I hope your baba grows well for you, they need to leave 10 days-2 weeks between these special growth scans to see if there is significant growth. they will prob have you on CTG tracings quite often and tell you its very imp if you feel reduced movement to go straight in. they also carry out tests called BPP's which is like an apghar (sp?) scale they do on a baby who was just born # If you need any info please pm me, im sure when you return your bab willbe bigger then you think!
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
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walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Just a note on centiles.. Being at the tenth centile means that, out of 100 babies, 90 babies would be [b:37imlgbu]the same size or bigger [/b:37imlgbu]at the same stage. So it's not quite the same as being the tenth smallest. Centiles are achieved by grouping and distributing whatever is being compared at the same age/stage according to a bell curve. So they tell you about the baby in relation to other babies at the same stage. As far as I know, small for gestational age babies are babies below the 10th centile and Large for gestational age babies are babies above the 90th centile. You can be either with no complications, or it can mean that there may be some complications but I guess your hospital etc will be able to tell you what the situation is for your baby. In terms of fluid leaking, wear a pad. If you have wetness, lie down for half an hour. If you are leaking, the fluid should pool and come out when you stand up. The liquid apparently looks clearer than wee and doesn't smell like wee. Some people say it smells sweet, some people say it smells like bleach. I've never smelled it so I have no idea! If you have any unusual discharge or wetness, let your hospital know ASAP. Good luck with it all!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
[quote:2bv2qnqi]As far as I know, small for gestational age babies are babies below the 10th centile and Large for gestational age babies are babies above the 90th centile. You can be either with no complications,. [/quote:2bv2qnqi] Think you are right there....its only once you get to below the 5th that they monitor you closer. I myself was born small for gestational age-38 weeks and i weighed just over 5 and half lbs-but im perfectly fine and my mam had a normal pregnancy. Also just to note quite often baby might have its body in a stange postition making it hard for the person doing the scan to get accurate measurments and when you return the baby is much bigger-hope i didnt scare you with my story, its very unusal to have a baby with IUGR to the degree that Ava had in so far as she had to be delivered very early!
theoracle Posts: 7664
Also, with regard to low fluid, they usually take measuremenst fo the deepest pool of fluid next to the baby, but if baby is lying akward this measurement may be inaccurate What is very positive tho is that they are monitoring you closely and most likely they are doing this just to exclude any risks.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
my lil pudding was born 13 days ago weighing 5lb 13oz was in special care unit for 3 days but is now flying it weighed ibn at 6lb 60z yesterday. at 38 weeks the sonoagrapher spotted that the fluid was very low the norm is 10cm, low is 5cm and mine was 2cm. i was due a section the next week but was taken in the next day as i reliased that i'd been leaking fluid for 2 weeks. have you noticed that after u pee that u leak? TMI. that's what made me realise that i was actually leaking amniotic fluid and not discharge. keep and eye on it. i think rest is recommended and lots of fluids. maybe they could put you off work to rest for a while to see if your fluid goes up. they can put fluid into the amniotic sac to replenish the fluid. i hope all is okay with you and your lil one. rest rest rest rest and drink lots chicken
Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, thanks for all your posts and reassurance. It's probably not as bad as I'm imagining. Hopefully when I go back in two weeks they will tell me that babes is going a the normal rate and it was just his position affected the fluid measurement. Sorry to hear that you have problems with your little ones Cheer bear bride and Funky fish but delighted to hear they are both striving now. That's really good to know. It's re-assuring to know that I'm being monitored more carefully and that I can go straight into the consultant if I have any worries. it does seem as bad either now that I understand what they meant by percentile. The sonagrapher also said that because I was a small baby myself that this can play a part. My baby could just be on the smaller side compared to the 8 - 9 lbs babies that are more usual these days. I'm just a bit concerned that I may be leaking fluid and not realising, I'll try those things you suggested though. My consulatant didn't mention anything about resting, I guess I'm ok for now. I'll ask him about that the next time though. Fingers crossed I'll be posting good news in two weeks.
Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, just though I'd give you an update, had another scan today and it looks a little bit more positive, my fluid levels have gone back to normal. Baby is still measuring small though, around the 8-10 precentile mark. The consultant has signed my off work and recommended that I rest for the next couple of weeks, and eat and drink loads in the hope that this will encourage my baby to put on weight. I have to go back for another scan in another couple of weeks and he'll continue to monitor the situation closely.