25yr wedding anniversary

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mad woman Posts: 22106
My aunt & uncle are 25 years married and are having a house party on the 16th of the month, what do you buy for 25 years and any suggestions, they are only in their mid 40's, so dont want to get any thing too "old" for them, but not too flashy, just something really nice... would be grateful for any suggestions, you may have..
clucky Posts: 26471
well 25 years is silver so buy something from newgrange for her and maybe a pewter engraved with his favourite football team for him?
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I think Lucky means Newbridge - which I think is a great idea, you could buy your aunt some jewellery and maybe a tankard or cufflinks for your uncle
clucky Posts: 26471
well actually I thought a bus trip out to newgrange would be nice..... sorry you are right I meant newbridge - duh :oops:
mad woman Posts: 22106
that sounds great girls, thanks a million for that