27 weeks, dizzy, lightheaded & heart racing

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Mrs W Posts: 2923
I'm 27 weeks today and have been very well so far, no sickness or any complaints but this last week or so I'm absolutely exhausted. My whole body feels exhausted and I've been very lightheaded too, my heart starts racing and I can feel it in my throat even if I'm sitting doing nothing. I went to the doctor on Thursday and she thought I might be anaemic so did bloods and sent them off so we'd get results before the bank hol weekend. She text me that evening to say I'm not anaemic but will know more when she gets the results. I rang on Friday but they weren't in so now I've to wait until Tuesday/Wednesday. I've been off work since Thursday and resting up, I was making the dinner today and I got all lightheaded and very hot like I was going to faint. Has anyone had this or know what it might be? I can't understand how I've been so well up to now and then this comes on all of a sudden. I was sure the test would come back as anaemic, I'd be on iron and then I'd be fine but now I'm just confused :-(
piddlenator Posts: 37
I had that a couple of times!! Had to abandon my shopping in Tesco once to sit down outside! I had high blood pressure though and I was tired all the way through my pregnancy- there was no energy burst in the 2nd trimester for me! My iron levels were always fine so no explanation for the tiredness!! As long as you have addressed it with your doctor and you take it easy you'll be fine!!
jewellb Posts: 2389
It's very common Hun, I rem Windy City and libramoon posting about something similar! It's blood pressure I think that causes it you should lie down on your left side and rest!! I get the racing heart regularly where I feel I need to lie down and I'm not anaemic I said it to my gp and she just said you've an increase in blood grow when preg!! Ill say it to my doc at next hosp app!! If you can take sometime off work xx
gopro Posts: 1801
I had something similar at 28 weeks it was that DD turned transverse for bout 10dats and was lying on a nerve