2nd baby - feeling huge @ 23.5 weeks : (((

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oohbaby Posts: 164
Feeling so down today :o( . Weighed myself as I do every week and low and behold have put on 24 lbs so far. And when I look at my bump compared to the others in the office I feel massive. Granted they are all on first babies but still. And I know its technically only 1 pound a week but majority of it has been put on since getting over first trimester hump. Just feel like if it keeps going at this rate I'll be a blimp by the time due date comes around. And yes I cant stop eating, esp sweet things. But I dont think its too crazy. Im sure some people will kill me for saying this but was kinda praying for bit of morning sickness or something this time around so I didnt put on as much (got quite big last time too). And I wasnt small to start with, a good size 14. Scan says baby is average weight so where the hell is the rest coming from. I know exactly where but its still shocking... :-8 Maybe I should just be happy that I have a healthy baby and resign myself to getting on track once I get the hang of number two. Am sooo dreading it already. Have family wedding in few weeks time and am just dreading the thought of having to look at myself A. in a dress or B. in the photos. Anyway, nowt I can do really. Am so tired as have 2 year old live wire and sick husband on top of full time job and moving hosue. Probably no more than most, but just means at the end of the day Im pooped and all I want to do is veg out/eat choc. Arrrrggggghhhhhhh! Thanks... needed to get that out. Am off to have my chicken salad for lunch. Having just had 4 biccies :innocent:
i want one Posts: 2893
just wanted to send u hugs :xox like u said all those who u are comparing urself to are on their first babies, and alot of people say you get bigger quicker on your second. you might not put on much weight for the rest of the pregnancy it varies alot from person doesnt it. just try your best to be healthy and dont beat yourself up it wont do any good. :xox
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
try not to beat yourself up, like I want one said they say you show sooner and what not on your second and you may not put on anymore weight on for a good while yet if at all. I've been comparing myself to another girl in here who's about a month ahead of me and I think i'm bigger than her and we're both on our first, i think its just a natural thing to do but i keep telling myself everyone's body and pregnancy is different.
pinky winky Posts: 564
Don't be too hard on yourself, a healthy baby is all that matters. Maybe buy yourself a few new bits to give yourself a little boost. New look have a great sale on at the moment. :thnk