2nd baby in Holles Street - how long?

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BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I'm wondering how long I'll be kept in if everything goes well with me and baby? I'm nervous about being away from DD for too long ;o( I'm in the midwives clinic but not Domino as I'm not in the catchment area...How long do they usually have you stay does anyone know?
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I'm hoping under 24hrs if all goes well. Are you in the early transfer home catchment area?
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
Oh I actually don't know. Hadn't heard of this. I am on phone and tried to look up their websit but it's telling me to look at a map but I can't see one. I'm guessing I'm not as no one has mentioned the option to me. I'm near Castleknock. I'd love to be out in less than 24hrs too. It would be brilliant!
Buzzo Posts: 1055
AFAIK the Domino & ETH catchment areas are the same? I live just outside it and didn't realise when I went to holles st first time round (thought sure they cover wicklow they must cover me - doh!) which is why I'm doing Domino in the Coombe this time - it didn't exist last time. Hope I'm wrong for you though! Maybe they're so anxious for beds they'll be dying to turf out non-first timers whether you live on merrion square or mars.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
[quote="Buzzo":22e112xb]AFAIK the Domino & ETH catchment areas are the same? .[/quote:22e112xb] Sorry, didn't realise that! I can't do Domino after DD's section, so don't know the finer points. I think you're right Buzzo, as long as you can pee and walk, you're out the door asap after the birth. BipsyBoo, I'm sure the midwife at your next appointment can tell you exactly what you can expect.
zowiebowie Posts: 300
I had both DD's in HS - second time around I gave birth in the middle of the night - around 4am on the thurs morning. On Friday morning I asked them could I go home and they said as long as the paediatrician was happy with DD it was fine with them. So I was home by friday teatime... Its different second time around - I was missing DD1, I was missing the comfort of my own bed, i just wanted to get home and start looking after my little baby. Whereas first time around I was so clueless I was happy to stay for as long as they'd let me :o0
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
Thanks for the replies ladies. Checked out the early transfer home thingie and it's from Harold's Cross to Bray. Boo!! Fingers cross it all goes smoothly and they'll let me out as soon as possible. Like you Zowie, I just want to get home to my DD and my own bed and nice dinners being prepared by my mum, who's coming up for a little while to lend her wonderfully helping hands! Thanks again O-O
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I had an emer. section on first baby in Holles st. I am pushing for an elective one this time but they don't want to do it unless I go to 41 weeks. If I get my section am I entitled to stay there 4-5 nights on a second baby like first time or do they kick you out quicker on baby number two even if sectioned?
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I don't think they'd ever kick you out if you didn't feel ready to go home. I'd say even on normal delivery you could stay the 3 nights if you didn't feel up for going home. And definitely on C Section, I'd say they'd have to keep you in to keep an eye on everything. I'm no expert though!