2nd baby on the way - couple of Qs

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maman Posts: 297
Hi girls, have LO #2 on the way and starting to think about what I need. I asked about a double buggy a few weeks ago so thanks so much for all your feedback on that. I'm starting to think about a highchair and other stuff now. DS who will be 2 when LO#2 comes along still uses his highchair all the time. Im just not sure about how long more he'll need it for? When do LOs stop using highchairs and start using booster seats etc? Also he is still using his cot and as he is still in grobags has not made any attemps to "escape"...however if we continue with the cot we'll need to get another one for LO#2. Or should I just bite the bullet, buy an infant bed and make the switch? To be honest id prefer not to cause i am conscious about not introducing too much change at a time where new baby will be a huge change for him. To be honest DS has been extremely needy since he was born (saw a post the last day about a girl who is at the end of her tether and I can so so so relate to her post...must tell her so). Ive had a really hard time with him and things are finally starting to "settle down". Im just afraid about rocking the boat and causing more trouble for myself at a time where LO#2 will be arriving. Im rambling... Just looking for any advise anyone might have about what your experiences have been. Good ideas of things you bought that were invaluable etc... Things you would do differenty to better prepare for the arrival of LO#2, that kind of thing. Living abroad so dont have much oppurtunity to chat to girlfriends etc. Hope ye can help me. Thanks x
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
Hi maman, Don't have 2 yet but hopefully will come June when DS will be 2.5. Re highchair I defo wouldn't get another. DS is nearly 2 and we've been using a booster for a couple of months now. And the baby won't need it til 6 months old anyway so you'll have plenty of time to make the changeover. Re the cot, DS is still in bro age in the cot & I'm hoping to leave him there for another 6 months. Again, the baby won't need the cot at first, you can leave them in a Moses basket as long as poss and if you have a travel cot could use that for a couple of months. If you're DS is difficult I'd leave well enough alone as long as poss. You could always get a cheapo cot when the time comes if you still don't want to move DS.
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
I'm interested in hearing the replies to this too!
justwed09 Posts: 2349
im the same, ds will be 3 weeks short of 2 when lo arrives. he is in a booster seat for the last month or so and loves it. as for cot, he hasnt tried to climb out of it yet either but he is getting taller by the week so its a matter of time i think. i plan on moving him into his big boy room in february, so going to try him in a bed then with the rails up. i dont want to move him when baby arrives in case he thinks the baby is making him move rooms! i would prefer to have him settled before that.
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I bought a portable booster seat from amazon 3 weeks ago for my DD because lately we have gone to a few cafes where all the high chairs were in use. She is only 14 months but LOVES it .. so we will definately not be getting a second high chair. I agree with babyblabber - leave your ds the way he is for as long as possible. DD is also in grobags and not making any efforts to escape her cot and she climbs on EVERYTHING else she can! I intend to keep her in her own cot for the first 6 months while baby is in our room and then we'll have to decide what to do.