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carmac Posts: 93
Hi Girls! This may sound like a silly question but I'll ask anyway! I know all hospitals differ but I have my 2nd appointment in Portlaoise tomorrow - i'm almost 26 weeks. I was assuming all along that they'd definately scan me,but for some reason it entered my head that maybe they won't!!! I'd be really disappointed if they didn't >:o( i'm so looking forward to seeing this little bundle inside me!!! Any advise or experiences would be great :)
raspberry ripple Posts: 1809
Have you had any scan at all yet? If you haven't, I imagine they will probably scan you. Don't know anything about Portlaoise specifically though, sorry.
carmac Posts: 93
yea i had a scan when i was 14 weeks - i just assumed that when i was going back tomorrow they'd definately scan me! hopefully they will!!! time will tell :)
jessbud Posts: 429
I had both mine at Portlaoise. They scan you on every visit. It might be just a very quick one and they sometimes don't give you any pics but they do do it every time. On my 2nd pregnancy I was a bit disappointed I didn't get many pics but maybe if you ask they will print some off for you. They are great at that hospital and when you have the baby the care you get is really good. All the midwives and nurses are lovely (and the food isn't too bad either lol)
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I have nothing to add to help you but you may get more info if you put hospital name in title. Also post it over in M&K.