2nd labour compared to 1st

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Bear Posts: 671
Hi all, I was just wondering about peoples experiences with their second labours, and how it compared to the first. My first labour started very slowly with contractions coming and going all day. I was able to go to lunch, had dinner in my Mil's without her knowing I was in labour. COntractions became regular at night time, went into hospital, was 3 cms, they broke my waters and DD was born 4 hours later. So although labour started very gradually it all went quite quickly in the end. I am just hoping that I know when to go in to hospital this time as I am afraid things will go very quickly. Sorry for being so long winded. Anyone got any words of wisdom??
Bear Posts: 671
Just bumping this up!
mayday08 Posts: 704
Bear i am curious for a response to your mail also. ! Hope someone replies soon.
OAT Posts: 2207
I'm also very curious about this subject. Generally though it does tend to be quicker second time round
Smurfette Posts: 522
I am also extremely curious about this. I hope that the second one is faster as my first one was very long. My waters went at about 3am and I started having contractions every 11 minutes. I rang the hospital to see what to do, but they asked me to come in as my waters had gone. I went in and they examined me and said I was barely dilated. So I was admitted to a ward and started walking around to speed things up. Up until this point, the contractions were regular and a little painful, but I had a TENS machine and found them mangeable with that. At about midday, the contractions were now about 4/5 mins apart and much more painful. I was brought back up to delivery ward....but DS didn't arrive until almost 1am that night!!! So it was a REALLY long labour O:| He was worth it though :o)ll But I just hope that I don't have the same this time around. I want to leave the hospital and go home as soon as possible after having no. 2....the Domino scheme is available in my area and I don't want to be away from DS for too long. With the first labour, because of the length of time between my waters breaking and DS arriving, they had to keep me in for a 3 nights / 4 days, as there is a risk of infection.
OAT Posts: 2207
I certainly hope labour is quicker this time round as I was in labour for 34 1/2 hours with DS :eek :weep
2006_lowkey Posts: 141
HI there My first labour was induced (just gel) and started at 9am and gave birth at 3pm - it was very painful and I was not able to cope well as the contractions got on top of me very quickly. I think I paniced and did not trust myself to be able to do it. My second labour started naturally at home and built up like bad period pains but very manageble and this time I was able to cope and it felt good (wierd I know). It started at 9pm (criminal minds was on :) , at 11pm it was one every 9mins, went to hospital and by the time I got there at 12 it was every 3mins. I did get the epi as I was a bit chicken but I think I could have done it on my own and next time I will try :) Anyhow my beautiful son was born at 1.45am - so a very fast labour. Second time around - I felt my body knew what was happening and it kicked in as it had done it before and I felt more in control and sure that I could do it and was not as frightened. All in all a great experience... best of luck
Bear Posts: 671
Thanks for all the replies, esp Lowkey. I think I am just afraid that I'll have to rush off in the middle of the night and get someone in to mind DD1. I just hate the thought of her waking up to someone other than who put her to bed. Hopefully I it does all start in the middle of the night I'll be able to wait til morning.
theoracle Posts: 7664
First labour: waters gone first, contractions started 12 hours later, very strong, 16h labour, got epidural, syntocin drip and ended in forceps delivery due to failure to progress (episiotomy 2nd degree tears and the lot). Second labour: 2.5hrs, manageable contractions (I kept walking through them), drug-free (as I didn't realise I was so far along) waters went at 10 cm, dd2 out in 3 pushes, no tears no stiches. Third labour: on the strength of experience with dd2, went drug-free by choice, 6.5h labour, kept walking and moving through contractions, waters broken at 8cm, dd3 out in 4 pushes, no tears no stiches. Basically, second time round your body has already been through it and things are not as tough - it can be shorter and usually it is. I found that being that the delivery was drug-free really helped my recovery, it was truly amazing, it felt that my body knew exactly what to do.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
I'm very interested in this too as I was only 5 hrs in labour with DD, contractions started about 12 am at home woke DH at about 2.30 as they were 3 mins apart got to hosp at about 3.15 am I was 1cm walked down to the wait it out unit within 45 mins had gone to 10cm had to rush me back to delivery and DD was born with no pain relief or tears at 5.20 am ! Gynea basically told me to get in the car as soon as first few contrctions hit ! Would be very interested to see how long it too other mum 2 nd time round too ......ps my neighbour has just gone to hosp to have her 2nd about an hour ago am so excited !!!!