2nd Maternity Appointment

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Wannabmammy Posts: 59
Hi Ladies, Hope everyone is doing ok and their bumps are blooming! O:o) This is a silly question but I was just wondering what actually happens at your second maternity appointment. Since my initial maternity appointment when I had my scan, I've just been going to my doctors every four weeks for a check ups. I'll be 26 weeks on monday and I have my second appointmet with the maternity on the same day.... so I was just wondering what do they do then, obviously I'm not getting another scan, so I was just wondering if they check you for something different or is it basically the same procedure as my doctor check ups? This is probably a piontless question, but I was just wondering. Thanks in advance for any replies :thnk
aperature Posts: 280
hi, im public in the rotunda, so dont know how different it is elsewhere, but at my second hospital appointment, i had urine sample checked for protein/sugar, weight check and then saw the doctor ( as im not in the midwife clinic) . she checked babies heartbeat,measurements and went over my blood pressure again, as im having some problems with that. that was pretty much it though! good luck,,,