2WW how is everyone?

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little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
How is everyone feeling? I felt terrible Friday night, had terrible pains in my tummy and side and my back was killing me. Feel much better today though. only one and a half weeks to go!!!! Please God the time will fly by.
round two Posts: 1018
Morning, I have to say I am in great form and have absolutely no symptoms what so ever. I would go as far as to say I am in the best shape I can be in which is not a good thing on the 2WW. The only positive I have for the change of a PG is that I still have lots and lots of CM (TMI sorry) I am due in 5 days so roll on next weekend. Any news from this weekend girls ??????
Mrs MOS Posts: 205
Think maybe I should join you girls!!! Not 100% sure if I am on my 2WW or not. Reason being I had a m/c on 25th January (a natural m/c I was just over 6weeks), so have no idea what my cycle would be like this month and even if I ovulated!! H and I decided to see what happens this month! Before I got my BFP my cycles were pretty regular 29-31 days. So hoping to return to having something like that (or hoping for it not to return!) Not sure how I am feeling! I know I will be devestated when (should be optimistic and say 'if' ) AF turns up!
Hepburn Posts: 4081
Best of luck this month girls.... :babydust:
NewYearsBride Posts: 69
Hi girls! In the middle of the 2ww too! I cant get my mind off it either. I've had a few twinges in my lower tummy to the right side and the last few days my bb's hav been so tender and sore. Here's hoping its not the AF!! I actually havent had much CM!! The dreaded wait! When are you's plannin on testing?? AF due next tues so thinkin of testing at the wkend...too early???
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Af due on 22nd. I really hope this is our month. Not planning on testing this month at all, well only if AF doesn't arrive. Think 22nd is a wednesday. I find when AF due mid week it's easier to hold off. I am going to do my best to stand strong this month.
TheBigDay Posts: 651
Hi ladies, MOS bride, I am so sorry to hear about your mc. I also had a mc and I think it makes the whole ttc experience just a bit more terrifying. My af did return on schedule, however the following one was late by over a week. I was feeling so upbeat and positive all weekend but today I feel very negative about the whole thing. I have even been planning announcing a bfp to dh on Valentines day, and giving him the blokes guide to pregnancy as a present. However, Valentines day is two days before my AF due date so don't think that's a good idea. It will just add to the trauma if af shows up. Been completely obsessing about symptoms, just generally driving myself NUTS! I am feeling really down this morning. Still have sore boobs this morning, but I don't know it means anything. I am on 11 dpo. Since 9 dpo I have been using internet cheapie tests and convincing myself that I see lines. This mornings test just has a bit of a dent in it no colour in the line whatsoever. Nearly gone crosseyed from looking at it. Just feel like I don't know how I will cope if AF arrives. Hope I start feeling better later. Take very good care everyone, hopefully we will all get our wish... Time is going so slowly, tick tock tick tock...... AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH
butterfingers Posts: 19
I am 14 dpo today. I know how you feel TheBigDay - it's hard to hold off testing! Period is due tomorrow, so reckon I'll do a test on Wednesday if it doesn't show up as it's always to-the-hour regular. Although, that said, my stressing out about potentially being up the duff could delay it!! O:|
sally Posts: 1140
only couple DPO so have a long way to go on 2WW yet. Im not taking any notice of symptoms this time as last month I was convinced I was pregnant as my boobs were killing me which usually doesnt happen for me so I was gutted when AF came. Am going to try and hold off testing as well and stay away from WOL (im doing great am I not)..... other wise ill keep myself busy to keep my mind off it. Promises promises!!!
feelsobad Posts: 693
hi there well I am 9dpo, boobs really sore since 7dpo and creamy cm.... tummy really sore under belly button but I think that is just gas :-8 which I seem to have a lot of this month, sick tummy yesterday and day before... Temp dropped this morning.. really tired.. HOWEVER...... had lots of symptoms last month (v sore boobs etc) and got a big BFN... O:| not sure I have the heart for any more 2 ww