2ww symptoms, my eye!

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butterfingers Posts: 19
Well, the painters turned up bang on time. I'm actually relieved, as I had started panicking that I wasn't ready for a child yet so I can get on with planning holliers for this year now! :o0 I reckon we'll start ttc again around September, all going well. Anyway, just wanted to say that I shall not be watching and waiting for symptoms when I start ttc again - I ticked every box in terms of 2ww symptoms - even though I WASN'T PREGNANT!! So, as tempting as it may be, I'll be foregoing that in future. To be honest, I reckon the "symptoms" are there every month, but are only noticed when ttc. Anyone else think this?
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I think your right. To be honest I can't remember symptoms pre pill days.
Esketti Posts: 936
Hi Butterfingers, sorry to hear that, but its good that you seem upbeat about it. I agree with ya on the symptoms, I think they are always there and its only that you are really keepin an eye out for them that you notice them more. Its very unfair cos two weeks is a long time waiting and wondering, and you get yourself convinced and then nothing! Mother nature can be very cruel
butterfingers Posts: 19
Thanks. Yes - I know that 2 weeks is a very long time to wait for a pg/not pg answer and it's "fun" to try and spot any hints that might give the game away during those 2 weeks. However, I'm worn out after just [b:re7wfrns][u:re7wfrns]1[/u:re7wfrns][/b:re7wfrns] 2ww - so am taking a break from this for a while and going back to enjoying newly-married bliss! Best of luck to all the girlies who are still trying - and please don't drive yourselves insane wondering about twinges/metallic tastes/dizziness or whatever you may experience! :thnk