3/4D scan feedback please

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janedoe Posts: 72
Hi all, I am 28 weeks pregnant and considering getting a 3d scan done. I'm just not 100% sure that it's a good idea. I'm wondering if some of the baby's features might look very exaggerated or different to what they will ultimately end up like and am afraid this might be more worrying than anything. I'm not talking about whether or not the child has a big nose - more fundamental health issues. Also, we don't want to find out the sex. I know we can ask the clinic not to focus on that area but did anyone find that you could guess the sex from the facial features? I'm probably over-analysing this but I'd be grateful for any feedback. Thanks.
blissful2b Posts: 1555
my friend had this done. it was great. no chance of working out sex from facial features. they aren't exaggerated or anything. the baby was sucking her thumb! i think you just need to relax... :wv
janedoe Posts: 72
I'm sure you're right Appeltizer. Thanks for the info.
nu Posts: 50
Hi, I had this done a few weeks ago in Swords when I was 26 weeks. It was so amazing - to see your baby on screen is fantastic, Icould have stayed for hours! I would be a worrier like yourself and I didn't want to know the sex either so the girl just focused on the face, hands and feet. It made the pregnancy very real and now I just can't wait til baby arrives. We have one of the photos framed in the living room and I melt everytime I look at it. It was a fantastic experience and very reassuring to see baby moving hands, scratching nose and kicking feet... IMO go for it!
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Just my input here. We went for a 3d scan and it was amazing although we wanted to find out the sex and everyone that looks at them says he looks like a boy but that could be because they know already. Sorry, that probably wasn't much help? Its an amazing expierence though so I'd say go for it :wv
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I had this done at 26 weeks with DD, and don't regret it for a second (we've booked one for this pregnancy in a couple of weeks too!). We did find out the sex - but we couldn't tell ourselves by looking at that area, so even if you see that end of the baby, you probably won't be able to make it out! As for the features, they're not exaggerated at all - in the 3d pics we got of DD, she looked EXACTLY as she did hours after she was born. We compared the 3d pics to her first photos and couldn't believe the likeness (sounds stupid, as obviously it was the same baby, but we weren't expecting the 3d scan to show her so clearly). And no, you can't tell the sex from facial features. We didn't tell anyone that we knew it was a girl, and when family were looking at the 3d pics, 3 people (all at different times), told us the face looked like a boy :o0!!
janedoe Posts: 72
Excellent - those replies are exactly what I was hoping for. I'm just going to go ahead and book one. Thanks.
Always hoping Posts: 784
Go for it! We wanted to find out the sex and even have a pic of that area of the baby but we could not tell from the pic what it is. A few people have even seen that pic and we just say oh it's out of focus and it's only cord and stuff - noone can tell!
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Nu, Could you tell me where in Swords you got it done? Have you a contact number?
jellybaby Posts: 2316
babycake, I'd say it was at Paula Tunney's that nu had her scan done in Swords, I had mine done with her in Rathgar. The phone numbers on the website are 4923544 or 2897605 - not sure which is Swords and which is Rathgar, as it doesn't specify! http://www.babyscan.ie/