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Bride09 Posts: 72
Hi all - I was put on a 3 day week at the start of May. I signed on May 11th and have been sending in my social welfare slips every week since than. Is anyone in the same boat and how long did it take for the payment to come through. Do you get all the weeks backdated in your first week? Is it a cheque thats posted out? Sorry for all the questions - just so clueless on this.
kellyk Posts: 634
Hi Bride09, I was in the same situation late last year for a couple of months. Being honest with you I got paid at the very end in a lump sum cheque. If you were actually waiting for it weekly you would be in a right mess as it took the whole two months or so to come. Hopefully wherever you are based will be quicker but that was my experience! :o(
micksmrs Posts: 931
It will be back dated and you should get a cheque with the details of the weeks that it is paying for. Remember, you will not get paid for your first week.