3 Day Working Week & Maternity Benefit

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MMAB Posts: 589
Hi Girls, Ive just been informed that Im being put on 3 day working week starting next week. Im worried that it will affect the amount of maternity benefit that I will get, do any of ye know if a 3 day week affects the amount? So much for being able to save for while I was off on leave! (My employer doesnt pay while on maternity leave so Im relying on the maternity benefit) Thanks
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Your MB is based on the stamps you were paying 2 tax years ago, so if you were working full time in 2007 then you should get the full €280 per week. Unless that is cut in the budget next week. O:|
MMAB Posts: 589
Thanks a mil Mrs C, thats great to know
Bright Star Posts: 756
Hi ya, I have been on a 3 day week for last 6 months. You will also be entitled to claim for your other 2 days on the SW until you start ML. MB for 2009 is based on your 2007 contributions. I just started my ML and have got the full entitlement of €280, you should be the same as long as your 2007 year is all paid up. :wv
MMAB Posts: 589
Thanks a mil Bright Star, we'll have to see how it works out for us, I was out of work from Dec 06 to April 07 and claiming jobseekers benefit during that time (my PRSI stamps) so I dont know if that will affect it. I suppose we'll find out soon enough, not much we can do about it if I dont get full amount. Suppose with all thats happening with work we are trying to stay positive and know that we have other priorties now with the baby on the way and we'll make it work for us. Thankfully DH has a good job and is still working (for now) :wv