3 months to go from today!!!

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loopybride Posts: 169
3 months today !!! 17/4/08!!!! v exciting anyone else nervous??? im too laid back thats my problem!! only picked bridesmaid dresses today!!!
Trixi Belle Posts: 55
Its sooo exciting!!! I don't think that you are too laid back, my big day is only 2 and a bit months away and I haven't picked up the bridesmaid dresses yet, they are still with the dress maker. How are all your other plans going?
loopybride Posts: 169
slowly but surely gettin there! all big things sorted like church, priest, venue, wedding dress, band ,singer,hen night groom.. etc jus the millions of small things like shoes, jewelery, wedding rings, flowers, cake, make up, hair, menus, wedding invites, tuxes, photographer, favors........ and kennel for the dog!!!! and the list goes on and on it seems neverending!!!
Trixi Belle Posts: 55
Best of luck with everything O:o) I forget what life was like without having a huge to do list!! What will happen after the wedding? I think I will def need to start a new hobby or something!! :wv
loopybride Posts: 169
kids!!!! that'll keep ya plenty busy!!!!thats what people say when i say il be bored after the wedding!!!! i plan on enjoyin my free time with my H2B and most of all the spare cash when its all over and done before i hear the pitter patter of tiny feet!!!
2010clodi Posts: 254
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll im the day after you loopybride... i feel your excitement :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll cant you tell :o0 :o0 surrounded by to do lists ... :eek :eek ...the smal;l stuff is O:| O:| but lovin it...cant wait for our big day :xxx :xox :lvs :xox :xxx :lvs :o0
poodle Posts: 596
im hot on your tails-im not a bit laid back but i just cant seem to get things done!!!ive spent so much time trying to book the perfect honeymoon that im now qualified to start up my own travel agency and still havent done the deed!also,lost weight and am now tyinking its ok to eat the last of the christmas choc's !am i in denial???? :hic
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Im 2 days after ya loopy bride. 19.04.2008. So much little things to so. Girls Shoes, Mass books, Collect H2B ring, 2nd and third songs,photos for hen nite, final fitting on y dress and girls, Mens suits and finish writing invites.
loopybride Posts: 169
got flowergirls dress and shoes today and pretty sure about the cake so im flyin!!!!
Miss Indecisive Posts: 996
WOW, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close now girls!! best of luck with it all. :wv