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hick Posts: 858
ok don't know whether to laugh or to be worried, :-8 My mum is always up for fun, really nice and a good mum but she can't hold a drink. :hic The four of us went out for dinner this evening and she had 3 glasses of red wine and was...well...locked! I had to drag her out of the restaurant cos she was saying good bye to everyone! when we got home she was trying to convince us all she was sober by touching her nose which appearantly is on both her chin and cheek while bumping into every piece of furniture in the house :-8 , so the thought crossed our minds, as great as she is, could she be a minor liability at the wedding! :eek O-O :o( Hate to think it but I'd don't want somethingbad to happen, less for our sake and more for her's. She doesn't have a problem apart from not being able to handle it, the drink hits her like a tonne of bricks, anyone else in a similar position?
contented Posts: 2625
my dh's mother is like that too. tbh the day is so full of talking, eating and socialising that she'll probably have no time to even finish a glass. dont worry about her because on the day she'll be so consumed with meeting and greeting that she wont get the chance and if she does - let her off, i'm sure she'll just be enjoying the day as much as you will. designate someone to make sure she gets her quota of water with her meal and even during the day just in case. my dad was well under the influence at the end of our day but tbh no one even noticed, everyone was just making the most of the day for themselves
tootsy Posts: 779
My Mum is the same so what she does is drink west coast cooler until the music starts that way shes able to stay about for a while instead of sleeping n the corner :o0 :o0
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Mine is like that too....she doesn't really drink at all, so a couple can get her drunk. My parents have decided not to drink so they can make sure everything goes okay on the day. I think they should have a couple and enjoy themselves. Maybe if she alternates her drinks with a glass of water it won't have as much effect. That's what I'm suggesting to my mam.
chatter2cat Posts: 996
She sounds like a lovely drunk!! (Not saying your Mam is a drunk of course iykwim?!!!) I wouldn't worry at all, she'll be with family who will keep an eye on her and as long as she is just over friendly and touches her nose a lot :hic , then no-one will even notice I bet as they'll probably all be in the same happy state!