3 tests later and 3 faint lines!!!!! **UPDATE!**

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Augustmum Posts: 686
Hi Girls, I am just in work at the mo and can't concentrate... Dying to tell/talk to someone! Was due my AF sat/sun just gone and no sign so I did a FR test yday morning and got a faint line and this morning I did 2 internet cheapies and got another 2 faint lines!!!!!!! I am going to buy clearblue on my lunch today and try hold out to test 2mro morning. Oh I hope I am not getting my hopes up, DH & I would be soooo thrilled and excited! :o)ll As other wollies have said 'A line is a line!!!' :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: Please god x x
ticketyboo Posts: 625
congratulations octgal!! loving all the BFP'S lately!!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
JourneyNo2 Posts: 220
congrats octgal sounds very positive to me ! A line is a line - especially when you have gotten three !!!!
jmeath Posts: 5740
:o)ll :o)ll Congrats hun oh sooo exciing! i got my BFP on a Mon evening and rang in sick the next day to go doc and i was in such a daze!!!!
Ochre Posts: 877
congratulations! I had the faintest of faint lines on FR. Did another two days later and it was still faint but there all the same. And I'm 12 weeks today :o)ll
Towser Posts: 121
Congratulations!! We will probably be due around the same time! Did my test middle of last week and positive as well!!! Hope you are feeling good!!!
Augustmum Posts: 686
Oh thanks for all your replies girls! :xxx I can't wait wait to do the clearblue test...fingers crossed for me. :babydust: I feel ok at the mo, just worried cos I don't have any symtoms as of yet....I keep running into the bathroom in work to check my undies!!! :o0 Oh MrsHogan2010 that is sooo cool!! We can be buddies! Congrats to you :stork: Congratulations Ochre!!! :o)ll Hope it's all going well for you :xxx Jmeath congrats to you too :o)ll I'd love to ring in sick 2mro :-8 but I am off on wed so I think I'd be a bit a greedy! :o0 Never know tho :hyper: Will keep ye all posted! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :babydust: :babydust:
doone Posts: 503
oh so excited for you !!!! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: can't believe it was 14 weeks since i was like you, now i have a cute little bump sticking out ! I couldn't wait when the WOLs told me to get a Clear Blue Digital, ran out to the chemist and did it in the toliet at work :o0 nothing better than the "pregnant 1-2 weeks" appearing on it !!! [url=http://www.thebump.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=UBB&utm_campaign=tickers:3cf2iggx][img:3cf2iggx]http://global.thebump.com/tickers/tt9a546.aspx[/img:3cf2iggx][/url:3cf2iggx]
Towser Posts: 121
Girl i am exactly the same, running to the loo etc to check...every little feeling i have down there i think the worst and that its my AF coming!! The first sign of pregnancy has been today where my boobs feel like they have doubled in size and weight and are bouncing around like crazy!!! Im not sure if that is normal or just my imagination, plus i could swear one is way bigger than the other!! Have my doctors appt on Thursday so cant wait for that for someone else to say to me that i am Preggers...
Augustmum Posts: 686
I could have wrote your post mrshogan2010!!! Taught I was going mad! My boobies feel really big too! Now they are 34DD but they seem fuller and bulging out of the top of my bra IYKWIM! :o0 Do you think I should do the clearblue this evening or hold out til the morning? FMU and all that. That way I could ring the doctors to see if I can get an appointment for my day off on wednesday. I am just really worried that a BFN will appear :o( ....But PMA all the way!!!! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: