30 Weeks and its Difficult to Eat!

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Giant Underpants Posts: 953
Hey ladies, As the title said, Im about 30 weeks pregnant and finding it increasingly hard to eat! I think the baby is pressing down on my stomach, leaving me like a patient following a gastric bypass - I want to eat, but I just cant - A few mouthfuls and Im stuffed! At lunch I have to eat half my sandwhich at 1 and then the other half at, say 3 - and believe me, I have a MASSIVE appetite! Anyone else having similar problems?
susie12 Posts: 75
Hiya, I'm 29 weeks and i've been like that for the last few weeks... i have no appetite at all. Trying to eat a few small bits during the day instead of just one big meal in the evening. Its weird to not be hungry cause i always enjoyed my food. Baby is taking up more room and there's not the same amount of space for the stomach. No fear the lack of appetite will last after the baby is born though. :)
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
Thank god Im not alone! I dont know though does mother nature know what shes doing at all - we are supposed to be the vessel for a life but we get MS for the first trimester and then the baby squishes our stomach out of existence for the last! im such a savage I try to force it down, but I just end up in agony. Cadburys Cream Egg season couldnt have happened at a worse time!