30 weeks pregnant with vomiting bug ;o(

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StylishB Posts: 143
Hi there, just back from doctors and have a vomiting buy, am 30 weeks pregnant and feel like i have been in 10 rounds with Tyson, anyone ever have this - have headache too ;o( Have a concert to go to tomorrow, hope i will be ok by then ???
jewellb Posts: 2389
stylishb my friend got that she came in to work and thought the baby was just pressing on her tummy as she had eaten toast that morning i think it only lasted 24 hours but she was a bit weak after, you might be ok if its a sit down one, and you are able to get to the loo if you need to :lvs i think she was about the 30 week mark also, she has a little girl now so all was ok !! :lvs
kala Posts: 1937
so glad you posted this. i am 21 weeks pregnant and its doing the rounds in our house at the mo- so terrfied of getting it that it could cause me to lose my little baba. i can't avoid it, its in the house but i am just washing my hands regularly.
Wife09 Posts: 873
Watching your temperature is probably the most important thing, if it goes up contact the hospital! You will be wrecked but make sure ye stay hydrated too. Hope ye feel better soon!
kala Posts: 1937
ok so i didnt avoid it- bug hit me last night. have it at both ends and my body aches. the whole house has had it now including my 2 aupairs- i feel so helpless towards them but at 21 weeks pregnant i am not able for much. just went to the shop and stocked up on lucozade sport. can't ring in sick to work monday as it will be my third absentessim since january and i'll get a written warning if i do (misc in january was the 1st, pregnancy related, sickness on the 2nd and this bug would be the 3rd). i'd love to ask for ask for a days hols as i am sooooo drained but dunno if they would give it.