30km speed limits in city centre

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cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Has anyone had any experience of this yet? I was listening to the radion earlier and it said the traffic gardai were out in force this morning trying to catch people speeding.... there were also reports of bicylcles going faster! I was on the quays (wasn't going up that far) and wasn't sure if I was in the zone or not (didn't see any signs) but I tried going it anyway and it was impossible! Could only get into third gear... so frustrating! Thankfully I don't drive in the city centre too often. I know they're trying to get more people onto bicycles (and I think that scheme has been fastasic) but I don't know if this is such good idea..... I think that can only work for people living close enough to the city - and there are so mny commuters that come much further than that.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Im listening to it on the Gerry Ryan Show, I know its to get more people cycling and thats all well and good but its for 24hr's a day which I think is silly, could you imagine a taxi driver driving on an empty road at 4am at 18miles an hour (30km), Just ridiculous >:o( >:o( >:o(
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I was listening to GR talking about it when I was driving into work - he kept saying "sure the car would hardly be moving at 30k" I remember looking at my speed and I was doing 30k coz the roads were slippy enough and I said to myself "Ah thats not too bad what are they on about"! Then I looked again and realised I was looking at the MPH dial - I was actually doing 30 MPH which is 40 or 50K :eek :eek Its absolutly ridiculous O:|
the winner Posts: 4148
You know if it works and the traffic free flows like it has been said well then GREAT but thats not going to happen its also going to be unenforceable the traffic corr don't have the man power to implement a 30km speed limit all over the city center.. Lucking I hardly ever have to drive in town and I feel so sorry those folks who do.