I am turning 30 this coming October and am considering organising a birthday party to celebrate. However, I am also a sufferer of arthritis, and have been for 8 years now. I was thinking that if I was to have a party, I would also like to make the party into a fundraising event for Arthritis Ireland. No birthday presents but instead ask for donations for the charity etc, maybe organise some activities / raffles on the night etc. So I am looking for advice / help in various ways. 1) Can anybody recommend any decent free function rooms in pubs / restaurants in Dublin city centre? Right now I would be very unsure of the numbers; I would be hopeful that as a charity event I could get a large amount of people to attend. 2) Does anybody know / are you possibly a dj that would considering doing fundraising events for free? 3) Does anybody / are you a volunteer for Arthritis Ireland? I will get in touch with the charity myself personally but if anybody viewing this would like to get in touch please do so. 4) Lastly - anybody ever done anything like this before? Any tips or advice you would like to share??? Thanks everyone. Ever since I got diagnosed with the disease 8 years ago I have always wanted to organise a fund raiser for the charity, and I see this a prime opportunity :wv