31 weeks gone......... 24lbs gained is this ok?

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Poppi Posts: 97
well am nearly there........ only nine weeks to go. just wondering how everyone else is doing with their weight gain. people constantly told me over xmas that i was MASSIVE.......... nice, i know !!!!
maisedon Posts: 1394
I'm at the same stage as you and have put on somewhere between 2 and 2 and a half stone now. I'm not very happy about it as I was super slim before hand and was really into healthy eating and watching my weight and exercising. Since I got pregnant I have an [i:pagn2v75]insatiable [/i:pagn2v75] sweet tooth, like nothing I have experienced before and am hungry all the time. All I can do is get working on losing the weight as soon as babs is born. The exercise has taken a back seat recently too, and that, along with christmas hasn't helped my figure :o( Everyone tells me though that I have put on very little weight and am "all baby", and to be honest I cannot see all that weight on me either.... They say 28lbs is the [i:pagn2v75]average[/i:pagn2v75] weight gain for a pregnancy but how many of us out there are [i:pagn2v75]average[/i:pagn2v75] *)
lmc1978 Posts: 423
hi girls, i've been told im huge too. have put on 22lbs and was a size 12-14 before getting pregnant. im not too worried though. i can lose it after the baby is born. i havent denied myself anything! (obviously with the exception of alcohol etc) i have also had an attack of the sweet tooth. (previously i never touched choc but over christmas i feasted on all those tins of roses!) :-8 regarding people's comments i just try to laugh them off! being pregnant is a time when people feel they can say whatever they like to you so try not to worry.
dreamer Posts: 3941
Well, I have been told that I am neat and all baby but still have put on about 22lbs sofar! So I can't see how it can all be baby & bump! But I have't been overeating (have actually been eating very little for past two weeks!) Everybody's different - but I am looking at my size 8 jeans with a degree of sceptism as to whether I'll be back in them by summer!!!! Well, I do love a challenge!! :o0 :o0
ConfusedBride2Be Posts: 463
Hi Girls, I'm almost 31 weeks too and I've put on 21 lbs, I'm not overly worried though as I'll work my a$s off after the baby is born to lose it again. When i had my dd I couldn't believe how much weight I lost straight away, you'd be surprised how much weight the baby etc is. I found after I had dd everyone that came to see her brought sweets, buns, cakes and that is when you can start piling on the weight. :o( :o( :o( I know two of my friends found the same. I'm getting married in August and have bought my dress and if it means walking day and night and eating nothing but salads it's going to fit me!!!! ;o)
Finished here Posts: 2860
Girls when did you start putting on the weight ?? I am 17 weeks and haven't put anything on yet but the book says i should be gaining 1/2 lb to 1 lb per week now :eek i am really bloated thou and thats the only time i look pg !!
Nance Posts: 161
i am like an elephant. am 31 weeks and have put on over 2 stone. I haven't been eating for 2, a lot of it is fluid. you can see it in my face.. it's like someone stuck a foot pump to me.. Was getting really annoyed when people were saying oh my god you're so big, but I just laugh at it now.. people are pretty insensitive, but nobody means any bad by it.. my hands look like like i play midfield for kerry .. my fingers are so swollen and rings don't fit me anymore :( Also have humongus boobs.. was a 36B at last measurement, was 40D, that was 1st week of Dec and they say they get bigger from now on.. No wonder my back is in bits !!!!!! I'd say by the end of it.. I'll have put up 4 stone, but I saw Myleen Klass interviewed and she said she put on 4 stone and she's a skinny minny.. I'm sure in a lot of cases there's nothing you can do and when baby comes, it will all disappear ..
Poppi Posts: 97
well thats a relief to know others are in the same boat. my sister gained just over a stone and had an 8lb baby!!!!!!!! everyone is different but i think people are just comparing me to her and i suppose i'm guilty of that to. its just hard to stop eating sometimes but am going to make a consious effort for the next 9 weeks to be good and get out for a walk every now and then. on another note, i'm public and am just wondering do you get anohter scan at this stage or was the 20 week scan the last one. i'd be curious as to know how big the baby is at this stage.
Nance Posts: 161
Poppi am going public as well. I had a scan @ 15 weeks and when I went back at 28 weeks was expecting to be scanned again, but that's it, they only scan you once.. but then every hospital has a different policy.. i'm going to mulilngar.. they don't scan you again unless there's a problem, like you're very small for dates or extremely big. they just seem to do it the old fashioned way, measuring tape and using their hands. They told me 3 weeks ago i was having a BIG baby and scared the shite out of me.. i had visions of this child walking out of me.. but then, had appointment yesterday and they said that i hadn't grown much, and baby was now average, not small, maybe bigger side of average, but by no means big.. who knows, between now and then I might explode again or it might just develop at normal rate now, but they did say it goes through growth spurts and then even out..
lmc1978 Posts: 423
honestly dont be worrying poppi. i was getting compared to my step sister (we're not even from the same gene pool so how is that fair!) and my dad and stepmum were like 'oh you would have hardly known she was pregnant' and i felt like saying well that's cos she smokes 40 a day and doesnt eat! i bit my tongue though being the mannerly girl i am :o0 as long as we are healthy and happy i wouldnt worry about the weight. it can be dealt with at a later stage! and on a final note the old pregnancy chestnut 'everyone is different' really applies here! :wv