31 wks - just had 2nd scan - baby looked huge!!!

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bluebell78 Posts: 202
Hi all - I just had my second scan baby no 2, well I left the hospital very worried, the size of the baby on the scan monitor looked huge, v big head and v big body, I said to the consultant OMG is this normal, is everything ok, it looks abnormal to me but she said all was fine and that at 36 wks I will be getting a feotal scan (had this with baby no1, who was 10Ib 10, elective section) and that this baby will be around the same size as baby no 1. I told her I would like a normal delivery she said that it probably will not happen as baby is large (baby no 1 did not engage head in my pelvis, consultant reckons my pelvis is to small for natural labour) Naybody else think their babs looked huge on scan monitor?
tipperarygal Posts: 482
Hi bluebell I always think y babs looks huge but I'm afraid I have nothing to compare it against as it's my first. Just remember that the doctors will always make a decision that is best for yours and baby's health. A friend of mine had 3 sections as her pelvis was too small and she found the recovery after the 2nd and 3rd one much faster and easier than the first so you will be fine, so don't worry.
Idina Posts: 1289
They are so squished at this stage that I think they all look huge. My DS was 10lb (emergency section after failed induction) and I never really thought about it when I looked at the scans TBH. I just always thought he felt very big (inside me). If the consultant says it's fine then I really wouldn't worry.