33 weeks pregnant & cramps

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Foxycat82 Posts: 12
Hi I am 33 weeks pregnant on baby #1 and for the last few hours I have been experiencing period like cramps. It feels like my period is on the way, I have gone to the loo to check if everything is ok and it is. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this towards the end of their pregnancy? Should I be worried or is this normal?
little squishy Posts: 559
Hi foxycat I sometimes get slight cramps in back and lower bump but they don't stay long or long enough for me to worry, but if you have any concerns call you gp or labour ward and ask them for advice. This might just help you for piece of mind. Hope ya feeling better, I'm sure it's all normal. :thnk
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I'm 33 weeks and getting the same thing - had them bad this morning - my GP said they are Braxton Hicks - they last a few minutes at a time - they are not consistent - just come and go - some days/nights worse than others. If you are worried as your GP/midwife. But they are pretty normal for this stage.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I was going to say Braxton Hicks as well, does it feel like your tummy is tightening? They say BH should go away if you change your position, if you're standing then sit down or lie down, and vice versa. And BH should go away, whereas contractions wouldn't!
Foxycat82 Posts: 12
Thanks guys, the pain went away in the afternoon & I feel great today. They probably were Braxton Hicks but as this is my first it is all new to me :)