33 wks pregnant with NO2 and feeling very very hot...

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bluebell78 Posts: 202
Hi ladies - is it a sign that I might go early? I am constantly hot and sweaty (sorry if TMI) all the time since last week, I never had this with my first pregnancy, even with no clothes on I am roasting hot too !!!
bluebell78 Posts: 202
theoracle Posts: 7664
I don't think so. I was the same but went over. I think it is just one of the more usual pregnancy side-effects, it is not indicative of whether you might go early or late.
soulful Posts: 1697
Hi I hear ya! Im on my 2nd pregnancy too and am currently 25 weeks pregnant and I swear to God I am roasting!!! and not just today - all the time! I am sweating alot so you are not alone and no I dont remember getting it first time round although that was 8 years ago :o)ll