33weeks - hard to breathe

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prunella09 Posts: 395
ladies, I am 33 weeks tomorrow and am struggling to catch my breathe all the time. it feels like the bump is stopping my lungs expand to capacity. its been getting worse and last night in bed it felt like I was having a mild panic attack. I ended up crying and making it worse - poor DH didn't know what to do when he found me kneeling at the side of bed. he got loads of pillows and managed to calm me know and I slept. I rang in sick today and am going to stay at home tomorrow. I am a bit worried that this will last until baby engages. I am going to try some yoga moves to open up my lungs and chest - but I am wondering if any one has had anything like this or has any advice.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
prunella, I am not like that but have heard how uncomfortable it can be, poor thing. Hopefully baby drops so you have more room for your lungs to be able to cathch a proper breath
prunella09 Posts: 395
thanks your reply Vanilla. :thnk I rang Quinn HC Nurse and she said as long as long as I wasn't coughing then it was probably just bump related. its a war on all fronts - spd down below and the lung capacity of a sparrow above. You'd swear I was carrying a 12Ib wrestler :) If anyone else has had experience of this - let me know how you got on!
speedy55 Posts: 512
hi prunella, i've had the exact same problem on this pregnancy. didn't have it as bad the last time. its a terrible feeling, like your lungs are going to explode out of your chest. i've started eating much smaller meals now and i'm going to swim as much as i can for the next ten weeks. it'll disappear once you have your babs, i know that seems like a long way off but honestly you'll forget you had it until the next time :wv
mayhem Posts: 381
hi prunella, I am 29 weeks and I can bearly walk the length of myself without having breathing difficulties and having to sit down and take long hard breaths. I am not overweight, but I am not the fittest person in the world but by no means the unfittest either. I also get it alot when I am at rest and I feel like my heart is racing and I cant get enough air into my lungs and the air I do get in isnt cold enough (strange I know!) I have mentioned it to my consultant and they reckon its bump related but I have been tested for anemia just incase (although I dont believe i am anemic). I wasnt like this on my first pregnancy either. I feel so incapacitated by it :o(
prunella09 Posts: 395
speedy - sorry to hear that you have this again!! Its nice to know that its clears up afterwards. I haven't been good at swimming but think I will start to help reduce the pressure from the bump. Mayhem - you sound like its really affecting you too. I get the "cold enough thing " as I can't stand to be a warm room - I'd love to leave the bedroom window open even with 0 degree temps. Poor Dh would freeze to death though! I seem to have got some relief today - I sat on my pregnancy ball last night to straighten out my back and widen my chest. then I took a bath with smelly oils. I slept like a baby last night. Def think that posture was affecting it as well so I need to avoid sitting on the couch where i have a tendency to slouch. I have to go back into work tomorrow - morto my boss thought i was having a breakdown yesterday morning. I must of sounded like a crazy woman. :-8