34 weeks and just fed up now

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Nance Posts: 161
I know this post will probably annoy some people and i don't really want to sound ungrateful about being pregnant.. am not am over the moon I just never expected it to be so hard and I am at my wits end now.. I am just so tired all the time.. can't sleep at all, got about 5 minutes last night and am expected to get up and come to work and be productive. I have back pain, rib pain, hip pain, pain under my bump, pain in my hands.. I have piles, i have now developed an itch all over my belly and it's driving me insane. I have really bad skin, broke out about 1 month ago and i actually look like I have the chicken pox. It's so bad there's no getting away from it, but I get really annoyed when people are like, oh you're glowing and your skin is amazing.. when the doctor and yoour husband tell you otherwise, you know the f**kers are lying through their teeth.. it's like pepopel have a list of things you shoudl say to a pregnant woman, "your hair and skin are blooming", you're neat, you can't tell from the back.. oh please, spare me the patronisation ! I am due in 6 weeks time so I know I am on the home straight.. but how much worse can things get. I don't know that I will be able to take any more of it.. I am living on my wits end at the moment and feel like I am about tot crack. (I am extremely tired today, so my rant is going to be a little OTT). I can't wait to have the baby and get my body back, it's literally being just one thing after another, sickness, migraine, kidney infections, aches pains, leg twitching, swollen feet, face, hands, now itch, bad skin and insufferable exhaustion ... Someone please tell me that there is nothing worse to come and this is it? Does anything alleviate these symptoms, other than just giving birth?? Sorry and rant over, I just had to get it all off my chest because I am feeling so fed up and really feel like I could have a meltdown any minute.
Delish Posts: 4176
Hiya, On my first son I got really sick at 34 weeks, had a really bad headcold - very very bad honestly. Was getting very bad braxton hicks/thought they were labour pains, went home and showered and then they were gone so I didn't go the hospital. Anyway by 39 weeks my amniotic fluid was showing to be really really low, dangerously low and I was induced. I still wonder did I have some type of a slow leak or rupture then. I never noticed a leak but there was some discharge (tmi and going off on a tangent ! sorry). Anyway I also had really, really bad heartburn, so bad I would be awake at night crying with it. Once baby arrived the heartburn was gone. Thank god! I would advise you to go to your doc and see can you get signed off work. If you are as miserable and in so much discomfort then it is too much to be at work. You probably only have another 2 weeks or so anyway. What I needed and maybe what you need is to rest up. Start relishing your sleeps and your lie ins and watching whatever you like on tele uninterrupted and reading mags. You need to lol around for a few weeks. Once baby arrives all of your pregnancy symptoms will go, but you don't exactly get a break. You have a whole load of other challenges to face. Be kind to yourself, take a break now while you can. You deserve it.
Nance Posts: 161
it's just never easy it, for anyone.. I would love to finish up work now.. I don't get paid materntiy benefit so have to work up to the bitter end. although if doc gives me a cert for the last week, I'll take it, they'll at least pay sick leave. might just go home now for the rest of the day, am too exhausted to think here at work, am as much use as a glass hammer.. I am trying to get into the zone of the Secret where I visualise and believe that i will go early.. my friend said from half way through she would go 3 weeks early and she did.. I knwo the road ahead with a baby will be tough too but at least it I'll have some control over who I am.. I guess that is what I missing the most.. anyway, nuff moaning.. I just need to focus on getting through the next few weeks and I know it will be worth with when babs is here looking up at us ! Thanks for the kind words!!
babybuttons Posts: 886
nance i hope you are ok. you seem really fed up and dont be sorry for moaning. thats why we are all here to have support on our good and esp bad days. you should get signed out of work because you are no good to anyone in there esp no good for yourself. go home and relax i know easier said that done but sitting on sofa watching tv is better rest than at your desk in work pretending you care about being there.
mammak Posts: 489
Nance- go to your dr, and get signed off work, immediately! And for however long you need. And work will always manage, whatever you think. Just do it. Your emotional well being is what you will need to get you through the next while, new baby and all that comes with it, just do it. Go home,relax however you can and do nothing except things that make you feel better. Y You will need all your sense around you when babs comes so this is your chance to make sure you are ok before someone else depends on you to make them ok! And don't feel bad for a second for feeling low and tired and uncomfortable -you are all thoses things.....don't add guilt to that list. give yourself a break and do something positive for yourself. Jesus thoses women who have fabulous pregnancies are very lucky but theres nothing wrong for those of us who don't. YOU WILL STILL BE A FABULOUS MAMMA! Just give yourself a break chick :xox :xox
Long Legs Lizzy Posts: 233
hiya Nance, I can totally sympathise with you. i really haven't enjoyed my pregnancy and feel cheated to be honest. between chest infections, flus to a cough that has practically lasted the whole pregnancy, to skin rashes like you describe, a bleed :eek and lack of sleep i'm as fed up as you. and you're right if one more person says 'but sure it could be worse' i'll actually burst into tears in front of them. I find it hard to admit that pregnancy is tough but it just does so much to your body and system it's hard to get your head around it. I really can't wait till my baby is born and the only best bit i've loved so far is feeling it move inside of me, it's the only thing that keeps me going. Keep strong, I used the secret too believe it or not and anything positive will help you through but don't be afraid to say enough is enough and take those sick days :xox be kind to yourself! Lizzy
babydust Posts: 124
my god..hope you feel better soon... at least you are almost there.
Nance Posts: 161
thanks for all the words of support. I came home at lunch time and went to the doc in the afternoon. I just walked in the door and burst into tears. I think she thought something really bad had happened. She was v good though, she told me not to worry about anything other than myself and baby and put everything else out of my mind. She gave me a cert for a week and said she has no problem giving me another. I don't want to take unnecessary time but if i can get some sleep during the day and build up my sleep reserve it might just help matters. it is a horible feeling not being able to enjoy your pregnancy, but you're right, feeling the movement is worth it. At this stage the movements are so strong and I can feel the bum, it's little foot or it having the hiccups. I feel now like I am really connecting with baby but I feel so guilty for feeling the way I do.. I just hope the feeling goes away and that it doesn't have a bad affect on the baby.. we can only plough on and hope for the best ! Despite the painful ending, I can' wait for it now, and I know it will all be worth it . Thanks again for the words of support!! xx
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Oh Nance, You poor thing.....I was driven by distraction by not being able to sleep - I was exhausted and yet I couldnt sleep. I remember my hands ached and my sinus's constantly aching (blocked nose, sore teeth) from pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome. I had sciatica and my ankles were the size of my thighs - I mean who knew how freakin' uncomfortable it would be? I have one bit of advice that you are not going to like. Dont think or focus on going to early. The baby will come when the baby wants to come. Which is all well and good but if you want to go at 37 weeks and baby doesnt come till week 42 (a la my little one) then those 5 weeks will craaaaaaaaaaaawl. I feel so bad for you. I found the last weeks seriously seriously crap. Can you set a couple of distractions. Between now and D-day can you and your DH try all the restaurants you've been meaning to try? Maybe have a weekend away? go to the cinema and or play at least once a week? Not very recession-friendly methods I know. All I can say is that there are many of here (or on M&K) who completely understand and agree how annoying it is when someone says you are "glowing", "compact", "serene" (though noone called me serene - I was anything but). I am glowing because Im sweating like a sailor - now f*e*ck off before I eat you. Good luck pet. I really feel for you. It all passes when LO is born! x sg
angel3 Posts: 1572
Nance, You defo should go to your GP & get signed off my sister got signed off 6 week's early it will do you good to get plenty of rest...