34w + 2 days - losing weight - should i be worried

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fantac Posts: 4109
hi all - i have luckily had a very easy pregnancy, expect for a few weeks bleeding at the start - have a tiny bump and feel well. only problem is i've lost 3lb in the last 2 weeks - i was down 1.5 on sat 19th, but put it down to the scales as i always seem to go up in 1.5lb units. but then was down another 1.5lb this sat, 26th. i'm still up by just about a stone overall and thank God havent been bleeding or anything. i've been very tired, so am wondering if that's mayeb causing it? should i be concerned? have to go to gp on wed - do you think i should go beforehand?
theoracle Posts: 7664
SM, it could just be variation in fluid retention and not loss of actual body weight, if you otherwise feel fine - if anything just give the doc a call and see if he needs to see you sooner to put your mind at ease.
fantac Posts: 4109
thanks chick - i called the doc and asked him to give me a yell back when free - just to be on the safe side
lelle Posts: 172
I think you have done the right thing snugglemuffin, always air on the side of caution. It is more than likely fluid but you will feel better once you talk to the Dr. Best of luck
Flossy Posts: 212
HI SF - think you should ring your midwife to be sure but I did read in 'What to Expect ...' that you can loose weight in the 9th month (which you are approaching) - but if they're happy with the baby's weight and progress then they don't seem to be overly worried about tne mum's weight. HTH x
fantac Posts: 4109
thanks guys - yeah i'd read that about the last couple of weeks, just bit worried as i still have 6 weeks - erk! just waiting for doc to call me back now