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Hi girls, Just out of curiosity I am wondering if there are many of you on the pregnancy and babies site who are on their first baby and are aged 35 or over. I am now around 10 weeks pregnant on my first and am aged 35. I don't in any way feel old in myself at all but it's just I am prob the last of all my friends now to get pregnant, most of them have kids aged 7 to 10 at this stage. Like I said I don't in any way feel old at all and am just curious really to see if anyone else is of similar age and on their first baby?
keyra Posts: 801
Congrats on your pregnancy. :o)ll :o)ll I was 35 when i was having my first baby, we started trying when i was 33 but things didnt work out that well for us and anyway i was 35 before i was pregnant with DD and 36 when i had her. I didnt feel old at all on that pregnancy but definately feel old this time. I find the only draw back of having babies later in life is that i wanted a second so we stated TTC'ing again when DD was about 4 months. I felt i didnt get much of a break from pregnancy but then they will be close in age and hopefully great friends growing up. Its much harder when you already have to run around after a toddler and i have a massive bump but the pregnancy is only for a short time (although this one feel longer than last) and then the fun starts! Enjoy every minute of it and congrats again :o)ll :o)ll
Boo2011 Posts: 62
Hi NaughtyDaisy, For what it's worth, I'm due my first baby mid month and I'll be 41 at the end of the month. I've had a dream pregnancy, thank God, no morning sickness, no pains or aches to speak of, no diabetes, baby is breech so I will likely have a cesarean but I'm not bothered about that so long as baby is okay!! Excitedly awaiting our arrival!! Good luck. Boo
HappyMe Posts: 727
I was 33 on my first pregnancy, DD born soon after my 34th birthday. On this my second pregnancy, I was 35 getting pregnant and will be just 36 when babs born. Both pregnancies have been straightforward - actually this one has been a good bit easier than the first. The only downside (if you call it that) was that we wanted more than one baby so couldn't leave too long a gap between the pregnancies. I was quite stressed on the risks to the baby of me being older and how long it would take to get pregnant but i'm a worrier anyway - hospital have never raised my age as an issue. So far this baba looks really healthy thankfully. Also, I got pregnant first month trying on both so you never can tell.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
I was just 36 when I got pregnant. 33 starting out TTC, but it turned out to be a slightly longer road than expected. Always wanted to have more than just one, so quite pleased with twins.
everhopeful Posts: 76
I'm 36, has taken quite a while, but finally am pg with our first :lvs
Aw lovely stories girls. So happy for you all. :heartbeat: