35 week appointment tomo??

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ginger2 Posts: 275
hi I have my 35 week appointment tomo and wondering what to expect?? Will i be given an internal exam?? This is my first..Have been well thank god.. Is there anything I should be asking at this stage?? I supposse the position of the baby?? Anything else? Thanks :wv
Sydney Bristow Posts: 185
I never had an internal exam. All of my appointments were pretty much the same, urine, doppler, measured. Position of the baby will be put in your notes, and if the baby's head is engaged at all that will go in your notes too, otherwise they write down 'free'.
Daff Posts: 11644
shuld be just the same as all the others I'm afraid. I didn't have an internal til I begged them when I was in hopsital 24hours having DD - I'd been bleeding and kept telling them I was in labour but they wouldn't listen and refused to do an internal - they relaly don't do them unless they have too.