35th week and not nesting

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chicam Posts: 1169
I don't know what's wrong with me, everyone including my MIL tells me I should be at the "nesting" stage by now but I'm totally not. We've had a lot of work done in our house over the last couple of weeks & got the nursery furniture in and I've washed all the baby's clothes but other than that I am spending my days like a zombie watching TV & surfing the net. I feel terribly guilty that I'm not out and about cleaning the house, doing yoga etc. But I haven't the energy & am not sleeping well but now I'm stressing that I'm just a lazy git and how on earth am I going to cope with labour when I'm this lazy and this tired all the time when I'm doing nothing!!
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
You've done your house up i'd take it that your nesting has been and gone. We're still having work done painting being the last bit to get done which should be done by weekend. I'll hopefully then be able to come home from work and put my feet up rather than dust and clean up after builders etc! You don't wanna be running around cleaning all the time. Don't be too hard on yourself chuck