35weeks bad headaches??

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Mischa10 Posts: 429
Hi I've been having really bad headaches all week! I'm just wondering if it is pregnancy related or just a coincidence! Has this happened to anyone else. ? I dont really want to be taking paracetamol too often but I need to do something because they are quite bad! Not back to the clinic until Tuesday so will wait until then to mention it! Mx
Wife09 Posts: 873
Hey There, Dont want to get you too alarmed but head aches at that stage can be a sign of high blood pressure, you should give the hospital a ring , ask to speak to a midwife and tell them all your symptoms, you may need to go in and get your blood pressure checked! I had high blood pressure and head aches , my sister got really bad head aches at the end of pregnancy too but thats all they ever were for her. I would definitly give them a ring though! Let me know how you get on!
Mischa10 Posts: 429
Hey wife09 , thanks for the reply. I live in Dublin and I'm away in Galway until tomorrow. I have had low blood pressure through my pregnancy! But maybe it has gone up in the past week! I'll try and hold out until Tuesday when I'll have it checked. Hopefully everything will be ok and it's just headaches but hope I don't have to put up with them for the next 5 weeks! Mx
MrsDr Posts: 1316
I got this too around the same time (week 34). According to "What to expect" this can happen now due to hormones. Drink plenty of water, I poppped 1 paracetamol. It will pass, Im fine now at week 36. Take care :action32
Daff Posts: 11644
Very common to get them and migraines in pregnancy. I was getting them a while ago and MW said to take two panadol and lie down. If the pandaol and rest don't work after a few hours then to contact them.
lannah Posts: 574
I have been getting the odd headache too in the last couple of weeks Mischa. Had one start in work the other day and still had it going to bed that night. Like you I don't want to take panadol too often so I'm trying things like showers and a cold facecloth on my head when I get them.
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hi Mischa I am due the same day as you and Friday i had a banging headache from late in the evening thought it was lack of sleep O my god woke around 3am with the worst headache i have ever had got dh up to get me paracetamol took 2 i would normal try to not take any or just one thankfully after 30mins it started to easy and thankfully when i woke sat morn it was gone, as a poster before said the What to expect book says it is common but if you do continue to get them regular i would get it checked by the GP.... Only 5 weeks to go................ :o)ll