36 weeks- sore stiff fingers?

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overthemoon Posts: 25
ok so I've been having a great pregnancy so far with just a few muscle cramps to complain about but for the past week and a half I've been waking with stiff fingers on both hands. Funny thing is it's only the baby and ring fingers of both hands that are stiff and painful when I move them, it seems to ease off during the day but it never goes completely. Mentioned it to GP last week, she said it was unusual to have it in those fingers but then got distracted as my BP was higher than it should have been. Hands are not significantly swollen, but seem to be ever so slightly swollen. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to what this could be? Think it would drive me mad to have it for another 4 weeks especially as they seem to grow stiffer each day!! Thanks
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi there, The exact same thing has happened to me over the last week, I mentioned it to the consultant yesterday. Since my BP is perfect though she wasn't worried at all. It is really annoying though, I'm getting this and some pins and needles too. I think my mam said it could be a sign of fluid gathering around the joints. Hope you feel better soon,m.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I had this at the end too. It was worse at night - if I woke up during the night I wouldn't be able to move my fingers at all. DD was born 3wks early so I never got a chance to ask about it. It does seem to be fairly common though.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I've had this with both pregnancies, and much earlier than the third trimester unfortunately. Apparently it's completely normal, could be a mild carpal tunnel syndrome you're having. I wouldn't worry about it if your hands/fingers feel normal soon after getting up, but if they're bothering you all day, I'd mention it to the doc again. HTH
Blackbird Posts: 5135
It's carpal tunnel syndrome (mild as jellybaby said). I've had it for a good few weeks as well and it's very painful at night. It's just from fluid on your wrists and another one of those things that's nothing to worry about and that they can do nothing for!
overthemoon Posts: 25
Thanks for your replies, it's probably cts alright. I'm with the midwives for check up next week and I'll say it to them too, see if they have any suggestions to reduce it's annoyance!! I've had to take my rings off today, so hands seem to be more swollen than I thought as my rings have always been on the loose side. Roll on edd and meeting baby is all I say :)
whackywoman Posts: 1496
I've also had this for the past few weeks. Apparently it is carpal tunnel syndrome I mentioned it at my pregnancy yoga and she said that sometime blood is not flowing enough to the hands so to give shaking and rubbing them. I do find that this helps, so it might be worth trying.
ritadoyle Posts: 359
You can get a CTS support to wear and they're meant to be brilliant. I worked in a pharmacy and my boss got one for his wife and she found it great. HTH.