38wks on 2nd baby-up since 3am and going mental.......

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shiraz Posts: 770
Im so stressed at the moment,im not getting a wink of sleep and im so awkward this time round :-8 Im thinking of taking a teaspoon of castor oil :-8 Any opinions????I know im very lucky to be pregnant and should enjoy this time but im so exhausted at the moment. And yes I know about trying the fresh pineapple,sex etc-all that didnt work for me the 1st time round(went 10 days over) Ive drank the shops dry of raspberry leaf tea and taken 1 and half tub of raspberry leaf capsules!!!! Thanks... *)
shobie Posts: 1437
Oh Shiraz, you poor thing. Im not sure about the castor oil, dont know much about it but maybe start walking? Not easy I know but might help move things along.... Otherwise try and rest and take it easy. You are at the end now and in no time your babs will be in your arms! Im sitting here feeding my 5 month old and still cant believe she is here :o0 Sorry dont have much advice, just lots of sympathy :xox
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
You poor thing, i tried all thoses as well and they didnt work. Try accupuncture that might work.
Mammypig Posts: 832
heya, am exactly in the same situation and am having an internal done on monday and getting a date for an induction incase the internal doesn't move things! am 39 weeks tomorrow and haven't slept a full night for about 3 months. mentioned it to the consultant last monday at my appointment and he said he'd do this next week so won't let me go over my due date. am so happy that i can finally see light at the end of the tunnel! not much fun being so heavily pregnant with no sleep trying to look after a 2 1/2year old! would you mention it to your doc or consultant?
shiraz Posts: 770
Thanks for all your kind advice ladies :lvs Im shaking with the tiredness here,ive just dropped my 2 yr old little girl to childminder so ive got a bit of a break now .Ive an app at 11am with the midwife,if she could induce me there and then id be thrilled :o0 Anyways I suppose ill just have to wait around and enjoy this time,ill keep ye posted x Shiraz