3d/4d scans.....

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jmeath Posts: 5740
Hi girls, i had my normal scan at 15wks but as far as i know i dont get another until 36wks...If you get a 3d/4d scan can you keep them from telling you/seeing the sex? Can they maybe ask you to look away while they "go by" that area?
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi Jmeath, I haven't had one yet, but I would guess they can keep that info from you if thats what you want. I had my 20 weeks scan at the hospital last week and the mid-wife told us to look away when she was scanning that area. I doubt a private clinic would tell you the baby's sex if you didn't want to know, they'd lose 50% of their business!
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
Hi Jmeath, I had a 3d/4d and asked them not to tell us the sex so they just scanned up above the waist. I had it done in Ultrasound Dimensions but I'm sure all scanning places would oblige!
greenandred Posts: 318
Hi jmeath, I had a 3d scan done in babyscan and we just told her we didn't know the sex To be honest unless you know what you are supposed to be looking for its very hard to tell whats what until they point it out I loved the scan and would highly recommend them! hth :wv
totalnovice Posts: 787
yip you can tell them you dont want to know and they will focus on the face area. We found at ours and its not as easy you would think to see (& that was a boy), we wouldnt have known from looking until she pointed it all out to us
jmeath Posts: 5740
thansk girls.... called babyscan and they reassured me too! H2b isnt a big fan of the 3d scans...he thinks they are a little freaky...i used to but now its my turn i want one!! We're going to see how funds go after the wedding!
totalnovice Posts: 787
i always thought they were a bit freaky too but like you when it came to that stage i really wanted to get it done. I enjoyed it but didnt think it was amazing, the best part was having a scan that took its time, as i was going public scans were all very quick. Dont think i will get it done this time as it is expensive.