3d/4d scans?????

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borntobeamammy Posts: 324
Hi all i was just wondering what are your takes on them?? My Dh thinks modern technology takes away form the magic of things and doesnt want one as said weve waited thgis long we can wait til its born.TBH i was a bit impartial to it all.When we had our anomoly scan last week,the sanographer flicked in to 3d mode and we got to see a glimpse of my little babs face and was smitten for then on and couldnt stop thinking about it.I am a little bit thinking that i would maybe like one now as i couldnt stop thining about my little babys face.What are your views???
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i voted something else as i kind of like them but am also a bit freaked out by them. i had a private scan and as the sonographer couldn't get a good picture of the face she switched over to the 3D mode and i found it a bit weird tbh. in my case it may have been a bit early (23/24 weeks) but everything looked so thin and alien like, although it is a lot clearer than the 2D scan and i did see that this baby has DH's nose! (DS has mine so they're already different, lol..) if i had to pay for it though i don't think i would bother as they are v. expensive.
Ettienne Posts: 139
It's a tough one. I don't really mind either way but hubby can't wait for our 3d scan, which is next week. I think we might regret not having one when technology has improved so much. I def don't agree with putting the pictures or video on facebook tho. A friend did it and while the pics are so cute it is a little scary as baby isn't born yet and I can't imagine the devestation if something went wrong having the photos of your unborn child posted.
MrsMOnAMission Posts: 376
I'd like one but am not going to get one as we don’t want to know the sex of the baby and I’d imagine you have a way higher chance of seeing that on a 3d/4d scan!
rosiemama Posts: 3363
[quote="MrsMOnAMission":fz81x4mc]I'd like one but am not going to get one as we don’t want to know the sex of the baby and I’d imagine you have a way higher chance of seeing that on a 3d/4d scan![/quote:fz81x4mc] if you tell them you don't want to know they won't show you that bit. although i have found out the sex twice now, both times a boy, and both times i wouldn't have had a clue at all until they actually pointed the bits out to me :-8
twinkletoes1 Posts: 110
Hi borntobeamammy, I got one on my dd and absolutely loved it!!!!!..It's totally a personal preference, i found it amazing and hope to do it this time round too :)
MrsMOnAMission Posts: 376
Oh thanks rosie_mama maybe we will get one so :o)ll ! Still have plenty of time to decide anyway!!
DaisyB Posts: 1708
im gonna get one when im about 26 weeks, we got an early scan and i was told by woman doing the scan that this is the perfect time to get it done as the baby has started to put on weight at this stage. i got one done with my DS and we were just amazed by it, for me it didnt take away from seeing him for the 1st time when he was born.after he was born i really didnt think he looked that much like his photos from the 3d scan, and its still a surprise to see what he/she will look like. oh and we didnt find out the sex last time.... we were asked did we know when she scanned me and when we told her no and we didnt want to she just said that was fine and she would stay away from that area.
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
I got it done on both pregnancies and never regretted it. Also found out sex of babies at these scans. I disagree with the other poster who didn't agree with putting them on facebook. I put all the pictures I got up on facebook for friends and relatives abroad to see. My aunt is very sick at the moment and undergoing cancer treatment. She loved seeing them. Each to their own though i guess.
Brideyz Posts: 380
I wasn't going to get one. I figured that they were gimmicky, a bit freaky looking and a total money spinner. Cue week 35 where after hearing a story about a breech baby that the hospital had down as head down picked up by the 3d scanner, and after all of the "your baby is huge" comments at every appointment, I booked a 3d scan. It was absolutely fabulous. I had found out the gender at the 20 week scan and had it confirmed at this scan. But there is very little time spent in that area IYKWIM so it would be no problem at all if you didn't want to find out. The scanner took all the measurements and was able to tell me the current weight of the baby and the estimated weight at birth which was very normal and my baby is not massive! We got some absolutely fabulous pics - I have them in a little photo album to have and to cherish for ever more and of course the dvd. We could see from the face who babs takes after. I think DH actually benefitted even more than I did from it as they can be a bit detached from the whole thing until babs makes an appearance. I would absolutely recommend it 100% to anyone considering it!!