3rd trimester pelvic pressure increase..yuk

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bree Posts: 1880
everyone feeling pelvic pressure is increasing? finding it hard to walk without feelin alot of pressure ( & contant feeling that i need the loo) . thighs feel heavy & generally just feel awkward ... !! woke this mornin with brownish discharge on pantyliner but didnt have any since ( thankfuly) .. but should i expect this til the end now?? also any tips for getting rid of the flushed blotcy face? look like rudolf gone wrong : ) .....how everyone feelin?? getting soooo excited about xmas yooohooooo!!!!
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
ah bree :thnk my sil is going through the same thing have you any siggestions that i could do to help her
bree Posts: 1880
hi peach - afraid i dont have any suggestions whatsoever- but lookin for them!! am in bits today with it & pains across mu bump ( obviously everything stretching! ) .. your poor sil.. suppose best thing to do is take it handy!
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi Bree.. thought I might reply to you.. I too got these pains (like someone was kicking me all the time!!) .. from about 28 weeks onwards. They only got stronger for me I am afraid and they got worse when I did my kegal exercise thingys.. They put terrible pressure on my bladder and have now given me piles which is rotten but I am sure it will all be worth it!!! I found the only relief I had from them was to lie on my left side!! By the way, I am still hanging on.. baby due in less then 2 days but I am still only 1cm dilated (same as 3 weeks ago!!).. getting really anxious now!! :-8 summer daisy!!!
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Sorry to hijack bree your post summer daisy best of luck heres hoping you get your santa surprise soon :lvs
bree Posts: 1880
oh summer - u must be soo excited - hope you get to rest wel for xmas day & then xmas night something wil stir ( iv got a feeling !! ) good luck with it - cant wait to hear what happens!!!
Ducky Posts: 2506
Hiya bree, Yes, starting to find things much harder now (not helped by violent vomiting bug for two days after Christmas). Baby's got very strong and movement and kicks are quite sore and seriously affect sleep! Baby is rarely head down but I still get the pressure in the pelvis, especially when I walk any distance at all. Last night, I was thumped all night and I think baby may have turned as bump is lower and deffo need to run to the loo more today! Am delighted there is such a healthy one in there but as for this 22 hours a day asleep lark - when??? Mine seems to jig about all the time. Had fairly painful cramps after all the vomiting, gave me a taste of what's to come! What harm, it's my birthday/first anniversary tomorrow and I'm going shopping for all the baby gear!! Can't wait
bree Posts: 1880
wel ducky how did the shopping go? whatya buy?
Ducky Posts: 2506
Ahem...following on from extensive research and planning, meself and the best friend ordered/bought the following: One travel system One car seat + base Cot Cot matress Cot sheets and blankets Crib matress (she is lending me her crib) Crib sheets and blanket Changer Changing mat Bouncer Mobile Steriliser Bottles Bath insert Blankets :eek :eek Loved every minute of it. Then went and got hair, makeup and nails done and partied with friends and family until 3am for birthday and anniversary. Felt as rough as they all did yesterday morning, despite me not drinking!!