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pineapples Posts: 76
Hi all, Haven't been on here for awhile but really need a rant today! Rang the parish office of the church today because I never arranged an actual time for the wedding when booking with the priest. So..found out that the day i'm gettng married, May 4th, is the day the holy communion is on in the church. Doesn't seem like they have any record of my booking and said they usually don't do weddings the same day as the communions. The sacristan said it 'should be ok' to have the wedding at 2pm and to give her a call nearer the time!!!Even if it's ok for 2pm she said that everyone 'should be' gone from the church by 1pm meaning I can't do my own flowers in the church, the church will have posters up for the communion and people could be still at the church when guests are arriving for the wedding. Haven't been able to get through to the priest today. I rang a nearby church and that church is free on the day but i'd need to find my own priest. Stressed!!!!
Drummergirl Posts: 210
Hi pineapples, I don't know where you're based but my friend got married in May just gone & it was the same day as communions. I have to say, you wouldn't even notice much difference in the church. The flowers were beautiful & there was no one still there when we got there (I was one if the BM's & we arrived before most of the guests!). Keep trying the priest, sure u have to know the time etc for definate to give to suppliers etc x hope u get sorted!
happycamper2 Posts: 452
Same happened us last May, we booked 18 months in advance and about this time last year priest called saying are time was pushed from 1till 2. I was so upset as I had ordered invitations etc. but I called the girl and she hadn't start so was ok. Honestly they where all well gone, we had our own flowers put in and was a great day. Can you get someone to do the church up the way you want and take down posters??
Dollydel Posts: 1726
Hey wedding twin! Don't be stressing. We have been told that there is communions in the Church the day we are getting married too. We had to change our time from 1 to 2 which was fine. We have been told that everyone should be gone by 12:30 and that the church will be decorated so I am happy it will save on the cost of flowers I suppose. The priest told us that he will leave the flowers for us or get them moved if we want our own. You should be fine time wise, unless you want alot of flowers in the church ask the florist how long it takes her to decorate. Also let your videographer know what time approx he will have access to the church at.
pineapples Posts: 76
Hi all, Thanks for the replies & support. I got in touch with the priest this afternoon and he is going to do the wedding in a nearby church - which is actually nearer to the hotel. Thinking about it today & like you've all set I don't think it would have been too bad. Think I was just so upset because i don't know if they would have even contacted me if I hadn't happened to ring! Thanks again for the replies & happy planning!