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Lorenna Posts: 57
Hi all, Our package includes a 4 course meal - Starter, Main Course, Desert and then Tea and coffee. I was going to add on a soup course per person though and make it a 5 course meal. I was at a wedding over the weekend though and I was starving by dinner time I had nothing to eat all day. We had starter, sorbet, main then desert. By the time desert came though I was way too full to eat it. I hardly touched it. So Im wondering is adding on the soup a waste of time? I would not have been able to eat a soup aswell on Saturday and then we had the evening food after too. I was thinking I might just scrap the soup and just go for 4 courses and upgrade to include beef as an option instead as our menu doesnt include beef. What do you think, would you prefer to have 5 courses including a soup or 4 with a choice of beef for the main? Thats the only wedding Ive ever been too so im not sure which is more common 4 or 5 courses.
CasualBride Posts: 574
I definitely think a soup course is way too much - think about it, wouldn't soup alone keep you pretty full if you had it for lunch? I hate all the food at weddings, everyone is just in bits after dinner, plus it drags on for hours the more courses you have. Say no to the soup!! :)
BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
Yeah sounds like a lot of food! Hmm if you still really want to get soup in there you could have a choice of starter soup or other. I know our package has started 2 choice, main 2 choice (+silent veggie), dessert, Tea & Coffee...of course then there's the cake and evening nibbles. I certainly hope people are hungry! If you want to lighten things up you could swap out the dessert even and just have the wedding cake...maybe instead add a sorbet between starter & main, or splurge on your beef. If you are more savory have a sharing cheese board instead or added on at the end...maybe one of those Cheese Wedding Cakes!? Think quality not quantity, and what you and your partner want to be eating that day. If that's 5+ courses and you can afford it then go have the best damn meal of your lives! :yelrotflmaosmilie: Hope all goes well xxxx
CasualBride Posts: 574
Sorry Lorenna, I missed your last comment about how this is the only wedding you've been to so you're not sure of the protocol - almost every wedding I have been to recently has had 5 courses, however I am not. I think it's crazy, I don't care how big anyone's appetite is, 5 courses of full-sized portions of food is excessive and I object to the amount of wasted food that gets produced. We are having 3 courses, that's all anyone would ever have if they went out for dinner themselves, and bearing in mind there's a long night of drinking and dancing to follow this meal (as opposed to going home to change into elasticated pants and roll around the couch) I just think it's far too much. It's up to your own personal preference but to answer your question, many weddings do include a soup course, and even more weddings have half-eaten desserts left on the table as a result.
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
We are having 5 courses as it is the standard on our package with starter, soup, main, dessert & tea/coffee but any wedding I have been too has had way too much food with the 5 courses so I wouldn't worry about the soup! We will have our starter then do the speeches and then have the rest of the courses so hopefully the break will keep people hungry. We are also getting the steak added on our menu as a choice of main without having to pay the supplement by taking away the choice of dessert and just having a medley so you could check with your venue if they do something the same?
Dee1985 Posts: 11
Most weddings I've been to had five courses. We're going to have four. We've gone for a choice of starter or soup, main course & desert followed by tea/coffee. I have always found the extra course to be too much to eat in one sitting no matter how hungry you are! And with finger food later on in the evening, as well as biscuits & scones on arrival at the hotel, I can't imagine anyone will be hungry.
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
We have 5 courses included in our venue, we asked for a reduction or the option of swapping to an extra drink if we took out the soup or starter course but they said it was only saving €2 to remove it and they couldn't swap for a drink so we ended up leaving it. I don't believe them for a second that it would save us only €2 pp bit of course they don't want to lose any money!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Most weddings including our own was 5 course but four is plenty. I can never eat the dessert & if I do, I'm so full I can't drink for rest of the night!
crazycatlady15 Posts: 149
We're the same - four courses (starter, main, dessert, t&c) - was at a wedding last year that also had vol-au-vents too and I skipped the soup as I knew I wouldn't be fit for the lot. Someone else here mentioned waste and that's the main reason we got rid of the fifth option. We have sandwiches on arrival but we're doing the speeches before dinner so we didn't want everyone sitting there starved, and the sandwiches should beef people up before the food comes out.
Lorenna Posts: 57
Thanks guys! I may skipthe soup and just upgrade to beef!!