4 weeks pregnant and JUST starting a new job - HELP!!!

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi, My DH and I have been TTC for 6 months and finally it happened so we are thrilled! I am 4 weeks along right now. However, I was made redundant after 4 years at my old job about 6 weeks ago so I have been looking for work since then. I have been quite worried about the prospect of not having a job and getting pregnant but having a baby is by far my number 1 priority. Anyway, I have just been offered a 3 month contract in a company which I am going to take and there is potential that it could turn into a permanent job which would be great. BUT my current concerns are: 1. How in the world will I manage in a brand new job in my first 12 weeks if I am ill, getting sick, etc? I feel ok so far but I know it can kick in later. How can I manage and hide it or handle it? What if I am in a meeting with a client and it happens? How much warning do you get/feel? How have you guys handled it at work? 2. The thought of being potentially ill, tired, vague, etc as I start a new job freaks me out. They may not see the real me and my capabilities at all! 3. If I tell them at 12 weeks that I am pregnant that will be 2 months into my 3 month contract so there would be almost no chance they'd then hire me to stay on permanently but I guess I can't get around this?? 4. Finally, if I just end up getting the 3 moths of work I will then be 4 months pregnant with no job and no one will be likely to hire me then so that means I cannot even get Maternity Benefit!!!! I will have to be on the dole and looking for work the whole time! I have worked for 13 years straight and paid my PRSI that whole time so is there no getting around it that the ONE time I am unemployed (in the RECESSION) is when I get pregnant? Is there no way I could get Maternity Benefit??? Thanks to anyone who can help me please - I really appreciate it! xxxx
LMR Posts: 1925
Not sure what time of 'help' you're hoping for, but in terms of the feeling ill, I'm afraid you'll have to suck it up and get on with it. You might get very lucky and have little or no morning sickness. Or you may have loads. Its impossible to say and tbh, there isn't a whole lot you can do about it. Try and get plenty of sleep, don't let your self get hungry (my MS kicked in when I was hungry) and drink plenty. I do understand your worries but you have to try and be practical. Unless you can afford not to work you are going to have to start the job and if you start of looking at from a negative point of view, you could well psyche yourself out. In terms of telling them about your pregnancy, you need to check what your obligations to them are (I don't think you're obligied to inform them until 15 weeks before you intend to go on mat leave - but you might need to check that). As for not making you permanent, they can't technically discriminate against you because you are preg but they also don't need to renew your contract if its temporary. Again, I'm afraid you may have to cross that bridge when you come to it. Its a difficult situation that you are in, but one that is alas unavoidable. The main thing you need to do is get on to someone and find out what your legal rights/obligations are. Hope the next nine months are happy and healthy for you
questionsquestions Posts: 35
LFP, I'd suggest just taking it one week at a time. You could have a really easy pregnancy, so no point in worrying too much about what might happen over the next few weeks. Some people aren't sick at all... and chances are you'll be able to hide the pregnancy for a good while too. Might be best to see how things work out, and cross each bridge as it comes. My morning sickness was worse in the evenings so I was able to hide it from work .. the main thing was to keep eating small amounts frequently during the day. I felt like crap every evening (and think I felt even worse when I got to relax at home - after 'acting' like everything was grand in work, which can be tiring. I went to bed really early every evening and had much more energy the next morning and found that I was able to get through the days. It can be tough .. but you might have good days and bad days, and you'll get through it! Congrats on your pregnancy! It's great news .. and I hope everything works out brilliantly for you!
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Thank guys - I'll try and stay positive! After all, I was feeling very down after losing my job and having difficulties conceiving and then I went to a motivational seminar and it helped me to focus on the positives, to visualise what I wanted to happen, to write down my goals and to "put positive thoughts out into the universe". Guess what? Less than 2 weeks later I got pregnant and found a job! I guess I'll try that whole technique again :-)
mumsy2 Posts: 62
i agree with what the other girls have said in their replies but just want to wish you all the best for a healthy and wonderful nine months of pregnancy
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Totally agree with others and listen everything happens for a reason and you could be pleasantly surprised by your new employers and they may decide to keep you regardless. re the maternity pay if you have enough stamps worked up you should still be eligible as they take 2 years previous work.. Enjoy your pregnancy!